Good Luck Charlie does good for the LGBT community

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written anything that had the potential to bring out the ignorant, over-sensitive, butt-hurt, internet troll, shit-talkers, and every once in a while, a girl just needs a little rumble so here goes a little something-something! BRAVO to the writers of the Disney channel series, Good Luck Charlie!

The popular (and in my opinion hilarious) show, Good Luck Charlie, will be introducing a family that has two mommies. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, (and ignorant, over-sensitive, butt-hurt ,internet troll, argumentative, shit talkers) Disney – known for creating a world of fantasy is stepping boldly into reality.

Yes, reality.

Educated and open-minded people know that homosexuality isn’t simply a lifestyle choice, that our sexual preferences are as much a part of our biological make-up as the color of our eyes or the size of our bones. But unfortunately, the world is still stocked with ignorant, stubborn and delusional people who don’t understand this at all, people who can’t tolerate anything that they don’t understand or agree with.

I would never insist that people agree anything that is simply wrong and dangerous, things that would injure other people mentally, physically or spiritually. But sexuality is so much a part of all of us, no matter what gender we are attracted to, or what our specific turn-ons might be. But I must say that when people continue to deny the reality that homosexual, bi-sexual, transexual or transgendered people don’t deserve the rights and respect that heterosexual people have always taken for granted, I find myself judging them and saying to myself, “Self…why do people choose to entertain their bat shit crazy and ignorant opinions and attitudes towards things they don’t understand and why don’t they pull their heads out of their asses and get with the reality that being LGBT isn’t wrong or bad or a sin, that being LGBT is merely a state of being like any other?” Myself wishes I knew the answer to that question.

Just this week, my husband, son and myself were watched episodes of two of our favorite shows. First we watched the deliciously different world portrayed on Defiance, (Syfy channel) and then hunkered down for an action packed episode of Teen Wolf (MTV). Both episodes contained love scenes between two women and in my opinion, (oh that again?) each show portrayed the relationships authentically and tastefully, just as they would with a heterosexual couple.

My husband and I are among the educated and open-minded people who believe in equal rights for all people and that there is no wrong way to love another person. Love is love, but the world we grew up in didn’t embrace this reality, so for us, the on-screen portrayal of homosexual relationships is something very different than we are used to. Not bad, just different. And we both agreed that the relationship on Defiance in particular was not only exceptionally hot, but also so well done. The developing relationship between the alien woman, Stahma, and the human woman, Kenya, is fascinating, not because it is an alien/human relationship or a lesbian relationship, but because it is a passionate and extremely emotionally charged relationship between two very complex beings. So cool! But I digress.

My point here is that my son didn’t comment on the nature of the sexual relationships at all aside from discussion about the general storyline of both shows. I realized that his reality has always included the concept that love is love, no matter what gender combination is expressing that love in a relationship. He gets it because it’s all he has even known. I’m so glad he lives in a time where people are finally starting to get it.


Personally, I can’t wait until it isn’t big news to hear about a new show, movie or book featuring homosexual, bi-sexual, transsexual or transgendered people. It’s big news now of course, and it should be, because for so long, any deviation from the status quo with regard to sexuality has been a source of conflict and debate with regard to how these differences are portrayed on screen. The good news is that now days, how they should be portrayed is how they are being portrayed and how romantic relationships actually are in real life – authentic, loving, passionate, respectful, loyal and real relationships between real human beings.


And so I say this – Good Luck to Good Luck Charlie and to all the brave storytellers who are bringing real life to surface, including and embracing differences, in hopes that the children of tomorrow will learn and grow from the mistakes of the past and create a better world for everyone. Until then, as Teddy sings to her little sister, Charlie,

“Hang In There Baby, Things Are Crazy But I Know Your Futures Bright
Hang In There Baby There’s No Maybe Everything Turns Out Alright
Sure Life Is Up And Down But Trust Me It Comes Back Around
Your Gonna Love Who You Turn Out To Be…..HANG IN THERE, BABY!”

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