Vino2Go - A wonderful way to walk your wieners while drinking wine

Walking our wiener dogs with my wonderful daughter is one of my favorite things to do. Walking with wine once in awhile makes it even more wonderful, but I don’t often walk with wine, because sometimes the wieners gets wickedly wild on a walk, which results in much spillage of wine and that makes me whine. A happy consequence of having a blog called Moms Who Drink And Swear, is that people often tell me about stuff that can make it easier, cheaper and more fun to drink – stuff like Vino2Go – and ask me to write about it. WIN!

Wieners worn out from a wild walk - Woof..zzzzz

Wieners worn out from a wild walk – Woof..zzzzz

This is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t write about or recommend this super classy product if I hadn’t used it on a wiener walk and didn’t spill a drop (and have the opportunity to give them away to MWDAS readers for free)! I have tried other ways to walk my wieners with wine, but none of them were as satisfying as the Vino2Go. Here are a few of my personal stories.

Story #1 (A little sad):

Once or twice (or a dozen times), I have tried to walk wieners with wine in a travel coffee cup. The travel cups either don’t let enough liquid escape or way too much spills out, so either way, I end up dribbling on myself. Nobody thinks I am actually drinking coffee in the evenings, so I just look like a sneaky, sloppy drunk. I mean sheesh, if I was drinking water, I’d have a water bottle so people just assume that I am hiding an alcoholic beverage and I have spilled it because I am buzzed, which might or not be the case, but either way I look like a loser. Looking like a loser and slobbering all over is not satisfying.

Story #2 (Significantly more sad than story #1):

I have a zebra striped decorated plastic wine glass with a lid and a straw, (WHICH I LOVE SO DAMN MUCH) but I don’t use it when walking. This is not because I’m worried about what people will think. Most of my neighbors didn’t like me before they knew about my blog, so why the hell would I worry if they saw me walking my wieners with wine? That’s right, I wouldn’t. But I don’t use it while walking because I had a big, fat SAD as a result of drinking wine, with a straw, while distracted.

(Imagine you hear harp music indicating flashback)

In 2009, after a particularly difficult shift working as a cocktail waitress, I decided to wind down with some wine. Exhausted and distracted, I started sucking down fermented grape flavored mommy juice from wee boxes, much like the non-alcoholic ones my kids take in their lunches. I flipped on the television – Lifetime channel, of course – to dig into some drama. Of course that f-ing commercial about abused animals with Sarah Malachan’s sad, sad song about being in the arms of angels blaring in the background came on and I burst into tears, unable to stop, as the dude who played Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210 played a do-gooder in a story about an orphaned kid at Christmas. I sobbed myself to sleep, further dehydrating myself.

I felt sad and bad the next day. Not satisfying. But today I am satisfied. Very much so.

Story #3 – (Not a sad story like #1 and 2, but a satisfying story – WIN!):

I poured wine in my Vino2Go cup from Sweet Relish,  and went out on a walk with my wieners and wonderful daughter. One of my neighbors waved at me and smiled for god sake! Another one actually said, are you ready for it…?

She said, “Hello.”

I KNOW! It made me feel special and not at all like a loser. I am proud of my wieners, my wonderful daughter and not at all ashamed that I drink wine on a walk sometimes. And now I see that walking wieners with my wonderful daughter while sipping wine delicately from a classy container, not trying to hide the booze or the wet spots on my shirt, is impressive. Don’t you want to be impressive and have people wave to you and even say “Hello?”

White wine in my Vino2Go.

White wine in my Vino2Go.

Yes. You do.

I can help you be classy and satisfied!  

I am giving away TWO Vino2Go cups along with TWO copies of my book. And you want my book, because it’s not about abused animals or kids who are orphans, so you can read it while drinking wine from your classy and impressive new cup.

If you don’t want to enter the contest to win stuff, you can just go here to get your own Vino2Go cup. You can buy one (or two) for your baby daddy as a Father’s Day gift and then just use it for yourself, OR you can buy some as gifts for people you really do like, because I’m telling you right now they will enjoy the living crap out of them and probably invite you over to drink some wine.

This is where I got mine – Sweet Relish, a very cool, user friendly, online shopping site that has good deals and doesn’t bombard me with a barrage of annoying email.I really like the site and I really do use it to shop. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t send you there. I have spent years saying “NO” to 99% of the requests I get to write about sites and products, so believe me when I tell you that I wouldn’t wreck your trust by sending you to a shit-hole.

Sweet Relish

Want to win?

Comment on this blog. Share a spill story. Story with most “likes” wins. Also, if you have an epic, awful spill story and a photo to go with it, and you really want a signed copy of my book, take time to send it by email. I’ll choose one winner to share! Story with most “likes” wins. Contest ends Sunday, May 26th at midnight CST.

I hope you are satisfied.

*P.S. Here is a decent picture of the product taken by a professional, just in case you weren’t satisfied with my poor quality iPhone pic of my cheap wine in the Vino2Go cup. Notice the cork? Yeah, I drink that brand. No, they aren’t paying me a dime for the free PR, it just happened to be in this rad pic.*

Photo courtesy of Sweet Relish. Cork courtesy of cheap, delicious wine.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Relish. Cork courtesy of cheap, delicious wine.

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