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ZOOMA Women's Race Series Chicago 2013 - Nikki's couch to 10K adventure

I used to run no less than 20 miles per week. During this time, I also smoked no less than a pack of cigarettes a day. I remember finishing a long run through and plunking down in the sunshine with a smoke and a coke. Weird. Eventually I quit smoking. And running. I miss both... Read more »

Kids say the darndest things - especially if you are in public and they see a penis

I have a potty mouth. I don’t make excuses for it or try to hide it, and I’m certainly not proud of it. It’s just that swearing comes naturally to me. Like breathing. Or farting. I am able to withhold the four letter words and whatnot when I must, and for a long time, I... Read more »

Finding epic in the ordinary this Mother's Day

Heroic, majestic and impressively great are the words used to define EPIC. Some people are so epic I can’t get enough of being around them. Epic people make you want to be better but they aren’t necessarily heroic, majestic or impressively great. Sometimes epic-ness is subtle. Sometimes it is not. Being a parent is daily... Read more »

Glamour, Giving and Goodness - A Girls Night Out

Although I’m practically disabled by ADHD without proper medication, I can focus long enough to help those who CAN focus by completing random tasks they request of me so that they can continue to focus on doing what I could NEVER do on my own, which is to dream up and put together a fundraising... Read more »

Girls Night Out Part Deux - How to avoid a hangover

I told you already how much I love a good girls night out, or GNO, and why I believe it’s important to get OUT or at least have some time to yourself in a blog post earlier in the week. This is the second of three posts I promised to write about Girls Night Out.... Read more »