Nikki's ZOOMA 10K Training Journal - Entry #1

Today’s 10K training run was inspired by the vocal stylings of Donna Quirke Hornik singing her amazing version of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Yep. Running to honor the memory of Donna and to raise money for Donna’s Good Things, a charity started by her parents to honor her life and to help kids with cancer.  More on how you can donate soon.

Are you still on the fence about whether you should or even could run the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series 10K/Half Marathon this August in Chicago? Well, you still have time to train IF you get off your ass and start right about….NOW. I’m very excited to be a guest speaker at the event and signing books, but I can’t say I’m at the point where I’m excited about training for the thing. GAH!

Today’s blog post is the first in a series of of posts that will run up until the very day of the race! I’m popping the training blog cherry – POP! Quite a few lovely ladies are training for the race and they will be writing guest posts for this series. Just some crazy chicks chugging along for the cause – Cure children’s cancer!

Nikki’s weekly check in:

Got three runs in this week. Two were uneventful and quite difficult, as I’m just getting back into running and I’m no longer a strong, little filly if you know what I mean. ACK. I had a threesome with ice and ibuprofen that was not sexy at all, even though I was sweaty and I grunted a lot! Total miles this week – 15. I’m not telling you how long it took. More ACK.

Today, an elderly man with a massive hunchback smacked me with the current issue of AARP Magazine he was toting along in the basket of his Hoveround electric wheelchair and said –

“My Nana can run faster than you and she’s been dead since ’62. Giddy Up, Girl! Let’s GO!”

But it’s a beautiful day and I brought Donna with me, blowing me kisses as I huffed and puffed up and down hills that a one legged sally boy could hop up and down twice as fast. Hope those of you who are training too had a good week and that those of you who just aren’t sure if you can do it are giving it some serious thought.

If I can do this, you can too. And from this day on, I’d appreciate if you’d call me Dragon. Thanks.

Dragon out.

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