Bromance - Every guy needs one

If you didn’t cry the ugly cry at the end of the ultimate bromance movie Brian’s Song, I need to know right now. I’m making a list of people to invite to my wine and pajama movie marathon party and I don’t want you on it!  You won’t understand why I need to watch Step-Brothers for the 100th time or why I can’t change the channel if a M*A*S*H re-run is on and I don’t want anyone harshing my buzz by shitting all over my love of bromances.

Bromance (n.) A non-sexual relationship between two men that is unusually close.

Just the word wields such powerful imagery, it actually reminded me that I cannot forget to re-arranging the furniture before the slumber party in order to make more room for activities (if you have no idea why this is important, you are definitely not on the invite list). I know many a man that has been moved to tears by a particularly beautiful bromantic relationship.

In my opinion, bromance shouldn’t be a thing reserved for dudes who are famous athletes, actors, musicians or comedians. Every guy needs a to experience the joy of bromace! A lot of dudes stop bumming around with their buds after they settle down with a lady or dude and spawn. This happens a lot, you know. (Sad trombone sound). I think they just get so fried from having to hunt and gather and stuff, and unlike the ladyfolk, they don’t reach out to their bros.

Not a one.

They isolate – sitting around playing video games, or watching porn and sports alone. (More sad trombone) And sadder still, they see that their wives are making time to squeeze in a regular girls night out with their friends whenever possible, without doing so themselves.


So I say this today – Ladies, encourage your man to strike up a bromance or re-kindle an old one from yesteryear. Gentlemen, it’s time to get off your arse and call that beloved old buddy! Go fishing, engage in some witty banter and make emasculating comments about each other for hours on end. Build something complicated, tinker with a car, play cards, or get tickets to a sporting event where you can eat nachos and high five each other and hug when your team scores a hat-run. Or is that a home-trick. Or a touch-point?


Pick up the phone and call your bro and mance him a good one. And if you get all shit faced and forget to call, you can always pick up a copy of my book and give it to your woman. She will forgive you. Because unless you are very good at sex, she will probably like my book better and it will last longer too.


Here is a lovely photo gallery highlighting some of my favorite bromances. Be inspired. BRO to the MAN to the ANCE today!  AND you can win a copy of MY NEW BOOK by commenting on this blog and pointing out an inspiring bromance that I have forgotten. There are so many! Number of “likes” wins!

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