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Masturbation and SEO - Important stuff to know

Sometimes I peek at the Google analytics generated page view reports for my blog. Most days I do not, because at this point in my blogging career, I don’t want to hyper-focus on whether or not five more people read my blog yesterday than they did the day before. It doesn’t affect the topics I... Read more »

An Open Letter to The Voices

I was thinking about my own blog and I do believe that some of my old posts could be construed as oddly formatted open letters. Were some of my open letter-type posts obvious to others, even if I didn’t see them as such? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about or... Read more »

Vino2Go - A wonderful way to walk your wieners while drinking wine

Walking our wiener dogs with my wonderful daughter is one of my favorite things to do. Walking with wine once in awhile makes it even more wonderful, but I don’t often walk with wine, because sometimes the wieners gets wickedly wild on a walk, which results in much spillage of wine and that makes me... Read more »

Nikki's ZOOMA 10K Training Journal - Entry #1

Today’s 10K training run was inspired by the vocal stylings of Donna Quirke Hornik singing her amazing version of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Yep. Running to honor the memory of Donna and to raise money for Donna’s Good Things, a charity started by her parents to honor her life and to help kids with cancer.  More... Read more »

Hunger-free Summer Program - Take action to fight child hunger

I ask that you simply watch and share this video so that there will be one less hungry kid this summer, all because you did something as easy as clicking a button. Hungry kids are everywhere. This is an easy way to help them. This IS the best way to harness the power of the... Read more »

Bromance - Every guy needs one

Bromance - Every guy needs one
If you didn’t cry the ugly cry at the end of the ultimate bromance movie Brian’s Song, I need to know right now. I’m making a list of people to invite to my wine and pajama movie marathon party and I don’t want you on it!  You won’t understand why I need to watch Step-Brothers for... Read more »

Inspirational quotes for round pegs in square holes

This is why I never wrote that blog about the blog about blogs know.
Do you ever find yourself feeling droopy, disappointed and unmotivated? Do you seek the advice and support of others to kick start your heart? Does it seem like somedays, the smallest of things seem like monumental tasks, impossible to accomplish and overwhelmingly frustrating? Yes? Sigh….me too. “Friendship is born at the moment one person says... Read more »

Everybody poops

It was impossible for anyone in the crowded Sea-Tac airport bathroom not to hear the hilarious and adorable conversation between a mother and her little guy yesterday, but even so, I was particularly focused on them because after five days away from my family, I was feeling the ache – missing them. One day away... Read more »

Dad All Day - A new dad blog I can get behind

After 19 years of marriage, I can say with 100% certainty that my husband and I communicate 100% better than we did year ago, but if I had to give us a grade for our current communication effectiveness, I’d say we are at 70% on our best days, give or take 10%. THANK GOD FOR... Read more »

The Great Gatsby inspired guide to addressing the breast vs. bottle debate

Humor me. I’m begging you to just let me rant a bit about the social media trend I have, I believe, aptly named, Discernment vs. Dip-shits – a losing battle. The other day, I came across an article about breastfeeding and it immediately set off my “Oh no, a bunch of dip-shits are going to... Read more »