Why what Reese said to the police isn't important

Truth – When I need to decompress, I tune out the world and tune into some full on girl power chick flicks. My top three romantic comedies are: While You Were Sleeping, When Harry Met Sally and Sweet Home Alabama. I have crazy love for comedians, especially female comedians who inspire me and bring me out of darkness. So you can imagine how sad I felt when I heard that one of my favorite leading ladies had not only been arrested, but had been arrested for being somewhat of a dip-shit.

I think it’s important to realize that fiction isn’t fact and that everybody makes mistakes, blah, blah, yak, yak, talk, words and more words. We all make mistakes. I was shocked and sad to hear that Reese Witherspoon got lippy with a cop for all the reasons most people probably were, however I have yet to read anything in the news about the real issue.


In Atlanta, the blood alcohol content max for driving legally after drinking is .08. According to sources, Jim Toth’s blood alcohol count was .139. I’m not a math whiz, but that’s almost two times the legal limit, which means that Reese’s husband was – allegedly – driving while intoxicated.

DISLIKE. I don’t allegedly dislike this. I definitely dislike this.

The good news is that Reece and her husband are safe and sound and nobody was injured as a result of Jim’s – alleged- zigzag zipparoo down the road with his wifey. Phew. The statistics on drunk driving are easy to find. Read them if you want to make your Monday more Monday-like. Depressing they are (read that in your best Yoda voice please). So often, when a drunk driver causes an accident, he or she walks away with a flesh wound, while the passengers and others involved are a hot mess of blood and broken bones or dead.


And so I say to myself and anyone reading this – remember kids, DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK. Just don’t. People are either drunk or they are not drunk. It’s like being pregnant. You cannot be a little pregnant. Safe driving and growing of humans requires a person to be sober. Not a little sober, but completely sober.

I have a love for Reese both with her spoon and without her spoon. Blonde hair, brown hair, serious or silly – she is one of my favorite actresses and always will be. When I watch her, I forget that she is Reese and I only see the character she is playing. I LUFF HER. I also have a love for wine. The cheaper and whiter the better, especially when I’m checked out and watching chick flicks. And because I love wine and drink it often, I understand that people say stupid stuff when they are under the influence. Who doesn’t flap their yap like an idiot after a few drinks?

I’ve rattled off some doozies in my day……OY!

What bothers me haunts me actually, is that Reese and her husband could have easily been killed or killed someone else and THAT trumps the mouthing off. Yeah, she owes the coppers a big, fat sorry, because disrespecting the law is in my opinion, lame considering all they do for us. But the real apology should sound something like this –

“Do you know who I am? My name is Reese and I want to talk to you today about drunk driving…….”

Something like that, you know? She’s a bright, articulate woman and I’m sure after she spends some time reflecting on the incident and hugs her kids and husband a million and six times, grateful that they are all together, alive, and that neither she or her husband will have to live with the guilt that comes with taking a life, she will figure it out.

And I’ll be waiting.

P.S. Proof that I luff me some Reese. I even wrote about her in my goddamn book! Buy it here or at your local book store.

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