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I don’t know why I was surprised that it happened to me, I mean why wouldn’t it happen to me? Eh? But you know what? I really was. Surprised that is. And shocked and scared. I ripped through all my important accounts, checking things over and changing passwords, relieved that nothing major seemed to be wrong – as far as I could tell. Well, nothing major aside from the fact that I had been removed as the page owner and administrator of MY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE that features my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

I was a bit confoozled. Wouldn’t you be? Because according to Facebook, the only way a person can be removed as a page administrator is by the page administrator and since I am the page administrator and I didn’t remove myself, I WAS REALLY FUCKING CONFUSED!

How did this happen? Did I inadvertently remove myself? Shit, I wouldn’t put it past me to do this, but I can’t recall making any tweaks to my page at all AND both the other admins were removed. I would never have done that. EVER.

I think I would have been all over the problem had I not been sucked into the vortex of the plague known as influenza b. I spent the better part of three days on the sofa wondering if I had taken a beating from mob enforcers using bags of hammers and just blocked it out, denying the idea that a itsy bitsy virus could wreak such havoc on the human body. At one point, when I was sweating and shaking like mad, wrapped up in a blanket on my couch, I thought to myself –

Self…you should really do something about this Facebook issue.

So I did. Well, I tried to anyway, but after attempting several times to figure out how to get in touch with Facebook, I decided that I’d have better luck growing a polka-dot penis out of my belly button.

So I guess all I can do is ask the loyal MWDAS readers for help. Help me save my page. I have worked hard to build a dedicated audience and I do believe that I have earned your trust and support. I don’t barrage you with requests to help me win contests or buy Moms Who Drink And Swear merchandise, or slap you with ads or try to schlep miscellaneous goods and services, right? Hell NO I don’t.

What I do is try to entertain, educate and support other bloggers, which let’s be honest – I DO A FUCKING LOT!

I’d love to be able to continue to do so and do so using my rather large social media platform on Facebook, so I’m asking you to help me get my page back. Tweet to Facebook, and spread the word that I am still alive and kicking on my blog site and Twitter, even if I am unable to reach you on Facebook.

It’s a bum deal, man. And the timing couldn’t be worse considering MY BOOK LAUNCH IS IN TWO DAMN WEEKS! Yeah, I know. Gross right? Only gross people hack stuff. Poopheads. Jerk wad nut-suckers. I’m sad and disgusted and wondering why it’s so hard to get help? And don’t tell me to Google it, because that’s just like telling me to grow a talons and scratch my own eyes out with them, ‘cause trust me, that would be less painful than trying to find a straight answer on Google. The Facebook gods are my only hope!

Photo created by Sooperdad. Find him on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SooperDad

Photo created by Sooperdad. Find him on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SooperDad

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