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Facebook fan numbers - What they really mean (and what they don't)

Spanking. Do you or don’t you? Just kidding, I really don’t want to know what you do as long as you don’t BEAT your kid, partner, animal or anyone else for that matter (unless they are coming after you with nun chucks or they are a murderer or a zombie or going to do something... Read more »

I am on Team Everybody

Last week, I had the great privilege of visiting New York – for the very first time! Woo Hoo and Fuck Yeah and holy mother of GOD they don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing. I did not sleep. Well, that’s a lie. I slept a little – a very little. When... Read more »

Some Nights You Win at Parenting

In 1980 something, (I can’t tell you exactly when – protecting privacy you know) my then boyfriend made me a mix tape. AND-IT-WAS-THE-MACK-DADDY-OF-ALL-MIX-TAPES! At least for me it was, I’m talking ro-man-tic; THE ultimate mix of tunes – classic, fun, sad, and holy cats did it have a lot of songs! I’d had guys make... Read more »

Laundry - The itch I want to teach my children to scratch

I read somewhere that many marriages last ‘till death, simply because both partners didn’t want to get divorced at the same time. Makes sense to me, because if one person is always fighting for the marriage, things have a much better chance of working out. I think that is part of why my husband and... Read more »

Did you lose your dog? Well, I found her and .....

If you recognize this dog, you probably feel one of two things – relieved or guilty. Relieved because she is safe and looks just as beautiful as you remembered? Or guilty because you neglected her and didn’t take care to look for her once you knew she was lost? I don’t know you, but I... Read more »

Clitoris: A feel good story about a touchy subject

At the Knepper house, we speak freely about any and all topics. I am well aware that this is not the case with all families and particularly some of the families of my children’s friends. That is why I always tell my children that certain conversations need to be kept private. At least until they... Read more »