Moms who drink and swear is ready to FLY

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This baby bird is leaving the nest.

I have loved being on Chicago Now, but I will soon be leaving this host site. I’ve grown as a writer during my time here and I have made some REAL friends. Not pretend friends who live in my computer that would delete me from their friends list just for posting pictures of the stuff I cleaned out of my belly button, but real friends who actually ARE interested in that kind of thing, as well as the pictures I post of my dog sleeping, the dinner I’m eating and my feelings as they pertain to my love of shows on the Disney channel. Trust me. They really care. Just as I care about what they are wearing to their co-worker’s wedding or how they saved big money at Menards.

I’ve been told by Jimmy Greenfield, the community manager here at Chicago Now, that I will ALWAYS be a welcome here as well as being an important member of the epic softball team that is soon to be entering into the high stakes, winner gets the glory playoffs. WBEZ – watch yourselves. And Greenfield? I’m holding you to those words.

It took me awhile to be ready to leave the comfort and safety of the Chicago Now host site. I have issues. I joined the site in March of 2010. At that time, I had a great need for a sense of community and support. I wanted to keep writing “Moms who drink and swear,” however I didn’t want to deal with all the other garbage that comes with keeping up a blog site.

A fellow mom blogger, for whom I have mad respect, told me that the feels the same way and a big reason for this is because she knows it hasn’t always been easy for me not to compromise my mission and censor my content so that I could have ads for paper towels or loaves of bread and toothpaste. Times ARE tight. I have been tempted.

It’s true that I didn’t want to whore out my blog to schlep crap I don’t care for in order to receive a miniscule cash pay out that wouldn’t even pay for a couple of bottles of cheap wine each month. It has been harder to resist requests from folks who had cool stuff to sell and share, but I wasn’t QUITE ready to monetize my blog. If people are going to spend the money to advertise, they deserve to have a consistent blogger driving people to the site daily in order to maximize their investment. Its just good business and I wasn’t blogging consistently enough to earn that privilege.

Anyway, I have spent the past 3 years writing a book and blogging about whatever I’m thinking about. I identify myself a Mommy Blogger, since I write about parenting, but I think that my blog has evolved over the years to include all kinds of other things I fancy (I LOVE THAT WORD – FANCY- IT’S FANCY). Maybe that’s why my readership has grown steadily over the years to include more than potty-mouthed moms who enjoy some adult beverages and need to let off steam. I hear from dads, single women, single men and even kids who are reading my rants and blogs and observations about life. According to my Facebook insights (statistics), 10% of my readers are men between the ages of 18 and 64,  and these “fans” are in over 20 countries.

THAT surprised me. But as usual, I digress.

I’ve also offended thousands and thousands of pearl clutching women who don’t much like my potty mouth or my penchant for posting truth saturated rants about the realities of parenting. I’m not sorry if you don’t like me or don’t agree with me, but I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings personally, but only a little sorry if I’m being honest. I regularly respond to negativity by either ignoring it or addressing it in a firm, but friendly manner. I can’t be responsible for the way people interpret my words or find themselves wounded by anything I have not intentionally done. I’m crude, but I’m not mean.

People either get the joke or they don’t.

I get messages of support more often than complaints nowadays, but most of all I get messages and emails asking me for favors. People ask me to post everything from stories about sick or lost kids to fundraisers that are going to give 20% to breast cancer from the sale of gigantic dildos and lube. All are certainly worthy of attention! It has become impossible for me to choose from all the requests and so I have decided to take flight (I’m trying to keep with the bird metaphor).

My goal is to have my new site – Moms who drink and swear, up and running by October. That will give those of you who are interested in sponsoring the blog or advertising to see that I will now be posting several times a week, as I put the finishing touches on my book – which is tentatively slated for late April, early May of 2013 release.

Many of you have asked about being on a blog roll, sponsored posts, text and graphic ads indicating that you’d very much like to take advantage of the exposure that 230,000 “fans” on Facebook has the potential to provide you with every day. I get it. I don’t blame you.
So here it is. FINALLY. Watch me fly!

Query about advertising by emailing I will send you my “press kit,” which is just a bunch of numbers and social media tomfoolery that people use to justify spending money based on level of exposure. FYI — if what you are schlepping is lame; all the exposure in the world isn’t going to help you (this is for you people selling nipple rings for doggie moms on etsy – trust me – those are so 1992 and the market is saturated).

**Blog roll text link is $50 per month. Each month, one of these bloggers will be asked to guest blog on “Thirsty Thursday.”

**Text ads start at $75 per month. A maximum of 10 will be featured each month.

**Graphic ads are $150 per month. A maximum of 5 will be featured each month.

If you choose to put your stuff here, you deserve some focused attention – you deserve the spotlight.

**You can sponsor a “Thirsty Thursday,” where I plan to feature bloggers. Make me an offer. I won’t be writing on Thursdays so I’d love to have guest posters who feel like their blog is deserving of a chance to be seen and appreciated.

Your alter ego who sells shit or writes shit under a pseudonym might like to sponsor “Feckless Friday,” which is a wrap-up of the week which will include blogs posted on “Muttled Monday,” “Twitter Tuesday,” “WTH Wednesday,” and whatever random “FTW (for the win),” or “It just doesn’t matter” post I feel the urge to write. I won’t blog on Tuesdays, but I plan to tweet like a mofo and stalk more celebrities. My Twitter feed needs more narcissism.

**Feckless? Yes. A Feckless Friday post will cost you $250. It will be one big ole love fest for whatever you got going, as long as it isn’t something I absolutely cannot support in good conscience. Believe it or not, those things exist. I’m not a feckless person in general.

I mean it now. I need to not give a rat’s hairy cherries if who or what might profit from the exposure has a positive effect on the greater good of society. I’ll write about your shit, but I won’t lie. And you know what they say in the PR world, right? Any press is good press.

Oh, and Chicago Now bloggers? Well, family flies free. YOU are all the wind beneath my wings (you had to see that coming)!

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