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Making a new McFriend at the Play place

This past Sunday, I was cranky for no particular reason. I also was as close to brain dead as person can be without actually being brain dead. My daughter and her friend were as close to bouncing off the walls as kids can be without actually bouncing off the walls. I didn’t feel safe taking... Read more »

What I've learned from Prince Harry showing his Twig and Berries

My paternal grandmother used to say that one of our distant relatives was an Earl of something in England. I was hoping for Earl of Sandwich, but the family hails from Tuxford in Nottinghamshire, so my distant relative was probably the Earl of cow shit. However, since learning of my potentially very important connections to... Read more »

Moms who drink and swear is ready to FLY

Tweet Tweet! This baby bird is leaving the nest. I have loved being on Chicago Now, but I will soon be leaving this host site. I’ve grown as a writer during my time here and I have made some REAL friends. Not pretend friends who live in my computer that would delete me from their... Read more »

Challenge Accepted: Winning the war of the morning wake up routine

This morning my kid and I struggled to decide between watching World’s Dumbest Inventions or World’s Dumbest Hillbillies. I know, right? Sometimes decisions are fucking stressful, and always more so when you are tired. We were both exhausted. School started yesterday and we are still in the summer mode of late to bed, late to... Read more »

How I got PTSD from watching reality T.V.

I had to look up “Go-go juice” on Google. Everybody was talking about Honey Boo Boo and her Go-go juice. I was curious. Sweet Jesus! That’s some janky jack up juice right there, huh? I should have remembered that thing about curiosity killing the cat and what not. I almost had a grabber reading about... Read more »

Stop beating a dead chicken

That gay God chicken controversy isn’t quite dead. It should be. Last week while the Chick-fil-A drama, which I decided to call the “dead chicken beating,” was raging, I learned that the three year old son of a friend who was fighting a brave battle with a respiratory illness WAS dead. He shouldn’t be. His... Read more »

I am on Team Bullied

I am on Team Bullied. I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Chicago now blogger community. When I started blogging on Chicago now, I had been flying solo on a different host site, feeling lost in a sea of ignorance and frustration. I stumbled into the blogger world and was miserable. I... Read more »