Mommy Blogger? I've been called worse.

Why didn’t you post a blog on Mother’s Day?

I received emails and messages asking why I didn’t post on the day of all days for the Mom Blogger. And a few messages apologized for calling me a “Mommy Blogger.”


I’ve been called a lot of things that I don’t like, but I don’t mind being called a Mommy Blogger. One time someone called me a sperm chugging prostitute, but they used dirtier words. Now THAT person should apologize. Somebody else called me “unoriginal,” but honestly are there really any original ideas left in the world? As a mom who blogs, I expect that I’ll be writing about a shit-ton of the same stuff that the other 5 million other moms, mee-maws and step-moms who blog. I know for a fact that a good portion of us have a much in common. I see us mom bloggers as snowflakes.

Just as water vapor gives a crystalized hug to the dust in the clouds and then mixing up whatever else is popping around in the environment, mom bloggers have enough in common to be similar, yet there is muchly much more that make us unique – like snowflakes!

I didn’t blog because Mother’s Day happened to fall on my daughter’s birthday this year and that meant the day was not mine to use for blogging or dorking around watching chick flicks and drinking a Bloody Mary (or four). The reason I can get a little pampering on Mother’s Day in years past is because I gave birth so truly it was all good in the Knepper hood on May 13th. Besides, I think Mother’s Day is sort of a risky type of “holiday” in the sense that the expectations are different for everyone.

Me? I hope for sloppy kisses and hugs and stuff the kids make at school. Coupons for chores are my favorite. I’m also a big fan of being fed some pig and baby chicks that never got a chance to become baby chicks with hot, black and rocket fuel strong coffee in bed. But I don’t expect it and I’m not mad if it doesn’t happen. I think the best thing I can do as a mom on Mother’s Day is to be grateful for my family and their efforts to show me that they appreciate my efforts by making an effort to show them that although it is a great effort to be their mom, it is NOT a burden. And the effort I make is never going to be contingent on the reward. EVER!

But I do feel rewarded by the camaraderie I experience in the company of other moms. I feel a sisterhood and quite in synch with other women who share the crazy yearning to write about our experiences. Just this month I had either drinks or lunch with seven other mom bloggers. SEVEN! I’m pretty damn proud to be associated with them and to be called a mom blogger.

Some moms think the term “Mommy blogger” is negative and puts them in a category of whining, narcissistic weirdoes, but I don’t. I think it makes us cool and lucky and interesting and fun. We talk about yoga pants, poop, depression, special needs, pee, bullying, cancer, diabetes, school, other moms, wine…….and so on and so on and all of us do it with our inimitable flair and enthusiasm.

And real quick I just want to say that if I had a job where I was required to wear flair, I would wear as much flair as I could possibly wear without making it so that people couldn’t appreciate the individual pieces of flair that I was flairing. Anyhooo……

I left it to the others to write about their feelings this past Mother’s Day, knowing that there would be a chunk and a half of pure bliss and kismet felt by the readers of my stuff for the good stuff written and posted by a force to be reckoned with – THE MOMMY BLOGGER.

And here are the seven original, hilarious, brilliant and fabulous ladies I’m talking about:




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  • I heart you and am so proud to call you friend. And Mommy Blogger.

    A friend of mine imagines a scene about 10-15 years hence when kids will meet in college and ask one another at their first meeting, "What blog was you mom's?" Then they'll go and scour the internet for the ones they're interested in. I heart that idea.

    Happy belated Mother's Day! MTM.

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    oh man...........i cannot even imagine what my kids would say.

    love you girl. a LOT. you are the wind beneath my wings and stuff.

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    In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    OMG that's hilarious! BTW, I love your Blog name. Very clever.

  • ooooooo thank you.

  • Thanks girl, I love ya too! Having drinks with you was my pleasure. I see a summer filled with dates, as we completely destroy the city of Naperville and scare the men!

  • In reply to Tara Scalzo:

    more wine soon pretty lotus blue momma. xo

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    I've read a lot of the Mother's Day posts and THAT was original.
    You're absolutely right. There's a lot of expectations out there about this "holiday" and it's like Valentines Day in that, if you're the one without the carnation in your hand, you're pissed. Way to set us up for more anxiety, society. Actually, the woman who started the whole thing way back when, wanted to abolish it when it got so commercialized. As for the pig and unborn baby chicks - dang! - now that's restaurant menu material right there! Mouth watering stuff, I'll tell ya. And the snowflake thing - right again. We all come from the same experiences or we wouldn't all be commiserating like this. We all put our own spin on it and that's why it works.

  • thank you for your kind words and taking time to appreciate the awesome that is never got to be a baby chick and pig. i like mine over easy and crispy.

  • Wow, thanks for including me in your list - o - funny Mommy bloggers, truly an honor. I can't wait for your kids to be in college - I will be a retired grandmother and probably much more sarcastic and bouncing grand baby's on my lap while we lunch. Can't wait. Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite mothers. Ever. You rock and you know it. <3

  • What a great list of mommy bloggers! I can't wait to follow Melisa and Jen! Thanks!

  • Great post, and I'm not just saying that because you linked my blog in it! (Thanks! :) )

    It was so nice to meet you and hope we can get together again soon!

    By the way, I'm really not hilarious. Usually when I'm funny it's because I'm not trying to be. Truth. :)

  • Even though I am a mommy blogger because duh, all I write about is parenting, I'm sensitive to the term because in *some* circles it's used a little dismissively.

    It's like saying "lady dentist" instead of "dentist". It's a feminist issue. But whatever, I is what I is.

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