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I always cry at weddings. And Cub's games.

I always cry at weddings and Cubs games. Ok, maybe not all weddings and Cubs games, but I can say with confidence that the majority of blessed unions and games at Wrigley bring tears to my eyes. If you think about it, staying married and being a lifelong Cub fan are really quite similar. When... Read more »


Awhile back I wrote a blog post that compared the nightly dinner ritual to herpes. Not the shingles kind or chicken pox, but the blistery genital stuff. I suppose some might think I was being a little dramatic about dinner, but I don’t really care what those people think. I care what you think, those... Read more »

Professional Mom goes to Prom

Edgardo the bartender is something of a fox and I’m not ashamed to say that I think so. He’s also a VERY good listener and photographer. VERY. So on Saturday night when I was in Seattle at Mamacon, I said to myself, SELF – you have nowhere to put a phone or any other crap... Read more »

Mommy Blogger? I've been called worse.

Why didn’t you post a blog on Mother’s Day? I received emails and messages asking why I didn’t post on the day of all days for the Mom Blogger. And a few messages apologized for calling me a “Mommy Blogger.” WHAT THE WHAT? I’ve been called a lot of things that I don’t like, but... Read more »

Books make it better

I was a hyperactive, extroverted child. Shocking, I know. I had an insatiable need for companionship and stimulation and so once I learned to read, my parents, teachers and friends found it much less exhausting to have me around. You see, when I was buried in a book, they got a break from me and... Read more »

Civilized Correspondence to the Beloved Moms Who Drink & Swear

Dear Moms who drink and swear (MWDAS), And also the dads that consider themselves MWDAS or grandmas who are active in our group and the people without kids that hang out for laughs and a daily dose of birth control. I removed the earlier version about dads who are in the process of becoming moms... Read more »

Wanted: Kazoo killer

My kids are smarter than me. Maybe I’ve been around longer and know more stuff about stuff, but they have the advantage of being adorable enough to distract me from the reality that they are basically diabolical and always a minimum of ten steps ahead of me when it comes to EVERYDAMNTHING. And there comes... Read more »