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It all started with the stupid cheese fries

I was sitting with my Godson, IV, a week or so ago and my phone kept crapping out and it was making me stabby since I needed to get ahold of my son. So instead of chucking it across the room, I yelled at it, “STUPID PHONE!” IV looked at me like I’d just socked him in... Read more »

No Pain, No Gain

Do you have to be depressed to be funny? Do trauma and sadness make people more creative? When my son was five years old, he loved making up stories and drawing pictures to go with them. The problem was that his little hand couldn’t keep up with his busy mind, and he couldn’t spell for... Read more »

Quality time, Soft Kitty, Jesus and Whores

Quality time, Soft Kitty, Jesus and Whores
I’m pretty sure that hanging out with Mom isn’t on my son’s top 10 list of fun ways to spend the afternoon, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get one to one time with him. I do try to make the time  we spend together enjoyable enough so that it’s NOT on his... Read more »

Morons and coffee

If I didn’t need to read books and journals about self-improvement for professional reasons, I wouldn’t. Yuck. Much like books on parenting or relationships, self-help books are often long, boring and not likely to be read unless one is in a desperate situation or looking for something SUPER specific. I’ve slogged through some absolute CRAP... Read more »

Please, no periodics at the table

We had just gotten settled in at the restaurant,  which for us means that everyone had their drinks (white wine for me thanks), both kids had made at least one trip to the bathroom and my daughter was camped out under the table with her Little Pet Shop toys and a bag of oyster crackers, when... Read more »

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind. Do you know what that is? Let me give you the Wikipedia version, it’s as good as any and easy to understand as anything else you will find online. “Theory of Mind is the ability to attribute mental states – beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc. – to oneself and to others... Read more »

Not going to monkey around down there

Not going to monkey around  down there
I’m so glad I was born in 1970. By the time I started worrying about my lady parts, there were a more than a few decent resources for me to find information if I had any questions that weren’t specifically covered in either this book: “Growing Up and Liking It” by the pre-menstrual pals Patty, Donna, Ginny, and  The Personal... Read more »

The Presidential Nom pitts Mom vs. Mom

Cocky and ignorant = ME Those words only begin to describe the person I was on the telephone ten years ago, listening to one of my most precious friends vent her feelings of deep frustration and isolation with regard being a stay at home mother of small children while having a husband that traveled excessively... Read more »

Fifty shades of fantasy vs. reality

Yesterday I was halfway home from the grocery store when I had to pull over the mini-van in order to see whether or not I had actually transferred the groceries from the cart to the van. I had NO memory of doing so, and since I had NO memory of doing so, I assumed that... Read more »