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When Mom is a quitter

As the cells that created me divided and grew, they were bathed in nicotine saturated amniotic fluid. My mom’s Obstetrician told her to “cut down,” on smoking and suggested trying to keep it at “10 or so cigarettes per day.” He probably he had a Camel filter-less hanging out of his mouth during the appointment... Read more »

Taking one for the team

  This my son on his “genetically engineered flying pony” with his Benny the Bull mask. Weirdo. I was snuggled up with a good book and the dog when he demanded the moment be captured for all eternity, so I got up and took a pic. Total weirdo, right? But I love him. He knows... Read more »

Blog fodder today, on the clock tower with a rifle tomorrow? The future of the Mom Blogger's kids.

A friend who also writes a parenting blog asked me if I thought that her writing might someday have a negative effect on her children. GOOD QUESTION. The professional in me probably could have engaged in a philosophical discussion about psychological theory and individual differences of children and blah blah blah. As a mom who... Read more »

Bedtime stories

“Mom, I’ll pay you a dollar if I can sleep with you and Dad tonight.” That was the offer last night from my daughter. I told her to ask her Dad. He told her to ask ME. We both agreed that we hadn’t realized we were sitting on a gold mine without even knowing it.... Read more »

Mom's March Madness

Everyone loves this time of year, but it’s not so much my favorite. My father died in March of 2003 and as much as I don’t want to be the sulky drama queen, attaching sad faces to every interpersonal interaction, I struggle. I remember one particularly horrible evening when he was still alive and suffering,... Read more »

What the hell is orthorexia?

What the hell is orthorexia? I do not suffer from orthorexia, however I know a few people who do:  People who are moms. They are obsessed with healthy eating. Providing themselves and their families with healthy foods becomes a maniacal focus, creating an environment of fear and anxiety that takes the pleasure and fellowship... Read more »

Scary and sweary mommies

With each of my children, there have been few separate incidents over the years where I lost complete control of myself and screamed at them. SCREAMED!  Each time was ugliness Maximus. I didn’t recognize myself in the screechy person, foaming at the mouth and barking like a rabid dog. But each time I lost my... Read more »