Moms who drink and swear - By the numbers

If I were great with numbers, I’d attempt to give you an idea of what my Facebook fan page numbers really mean. But I’m not, great with numbers that is.  I’m not even a great writer, but I’m improving. As I writer I mean. I’m getting good at that. But I’m not writing about my writing, I’m writing today about my numbers, which I realize are really great.

So the answer to your question (and by this I mean the collective YOU who email me, or send messages on Linked In, Facebook or Twitter  requesting some exposure on my Facebook fan page) about what my numbers mean and what they can do for you is this:

I don’t know. I don’t even know how all of this happened. I can tell you that it wasn’t my intention to become a blogger in the first place, I just created a group on Facebook for my mom girlfriends with whom I share years of friendship and twisted humor. And if after over 3 years I haven’t figured out exactly what to do with these numbers, how am I to know what YOU want with them, aside from increasing your exposure so you have a higher number of dollars as a result of this exposure based on my numbers?

I do know that it’s just simple math that makes my fan page powerful. The more “fans” a page has, there are more people clicking on the SHARE button. This is also how plagues are started, right? Typhoid Mary worked in only a few places, but her pee-pee/poo-poo fingers shared Salmonella typhi with a whole BUNCH of people who either got sick or died because of this. This one little ol’ cooker woman from Ireland didn’t realize her hands were pestilence projectiles. Little things can be incredibly powerful. My little thing has become powerful.

I’m a bit like Mary – without the pee-pee and poo-poo fingers. I shared a simple idea in a few places. It was projected and people were infected, but the epidemic I’m spreading is meant to remove an idea/scourge on humanity; the idea that PERFECTION exists, that there is only one way to raise children that is right for everybody. Is there anything more powerful than love and acceptance?  I don’t care how many numbers of dollars you have, money can’t buy those things.

 I WANT MY NUMBERS TO CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD AND THE IDEA! The idea is that the chances of raising healthy, happy children INCREASE when an open minded parent who values knowledge, accepts imperfection, and never gives up, shares that knowledge, acceptance and perseverance with others for no other reason than because it is KIND AND LOVING. Healthy families are not born- they are MADE. It takes a long time, a lot of support and a lot of work to make them.

 It took me a long time, a lot of support and a lot of work to get those numbers on my page so that I could encourage parents to accept their imperfections, utilize their strengths and stand firm in their ideals so that they feel supported in the very difficult and important task of raising children. The rants and blogs and things I share may be simple, but every LITTLE thing I do matters to me because I realize the impact they have every time someone tells me that my little thing has helped them and those numbers mean something.   

Parents who strive relentlessly to do what is right for their families and support the choices of other families without being judgmental or misleading in the process are what make up the numbers you see on the Moms who drink and swear fan page (well, mostly….aside from the pandemic of trolls that roll through on occasion). That is what these numbers mean to ME and what I hope they mean to you. Those numbers are US, like- minded people sharing for the purpose of preventing needless suffering and healing the wounds left by the perfection plague. Sometimes when I do this, my numbers mean dollars to someone. Maybe someday they will mean dollars for me, but not because I sacrifice my ideals and beliefs and not because you offer me some LITTLE material thing that defeats the entire purpose of what I am trying to do with the numbers. You cannot put a price on what I’m trying to sell, or what I have received in return from you , and by this I mean the collective YOU that send me email, Linked in, Facebook and Twitter messages of support encouragment and gratitude.

Before asking me to share something on my page and then becoming disappointed when I don’t, consider what the numbers on my page really represent. Consider the reason they continue to grow, aside from the simple math that tells even an idiot that the bigger they are, the greater the share. Consider carefully that merely clicking a button isn’t really something that translates into an e-commerce commitment for you, your blog or your business. I’ve known this for a long time. I don’t use my numbers for this purpose and THAT is why they continue to grow.

I’m committed to continued growth as a HUMAN. I want to keep growing into a better person and parent. I’m glad people “LIKE” the idea too and want to make the same commitment, but I certainly don’t believe that the click of a button means that it’s a done deal for any of us. Some people say that I don’t think about the numbers because I don’t need to. They say that because they are big numbers, I somehow take them for granted, picking and choosing what to share based on some idea of grandiosity or power. Those people are wrong.  I realize that the click of a button could make all the numbers disappear, yet I would still have every last thing I started with – my dignity, humanity and generosity of spirit.

But I’m not saying that the numbers don’t mean anything.  Those numbers represent little monetary value, yet they have value that is beyond measure.  I will continue to use them as I see fit as it pertains to my mission, my purpose and my genuine commitment to infecting others with something immeasurable, something that no contest or voting can really evaluate and that is humanity.

I write this merely to reduce the number of you who believe that my numbers can really do something for you that will matter beyond a click of a button. You can ask the people who have had experience with this as a result of having been shared on my fan page. The numbers aren’t worth the paper they are printed, or in this case, the screen where they are being projected, unless you understand what they really mean.

This number represents a lot of humans.

Moms who drink and swear on Facebook: 196,974 members from over 20 countries around the world. That’s a lot of humans.


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  • Well put. Sometimes I envy you and your numbers, and sometimes...I don't. Keep on bloggin'- what you say is great!

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    You rock, sister!!! I've always said that about you: That Nikki; she rocks.

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    Keep doing what you do Nikki, you are truely an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your life, your family and your thoughts with us. You have a gift and it's awesome that you share it with us, the numbers :)

  • One of the reasons I enjoy your blog and your FB page so much is because you are so genuine and so hilarious! Which is clearly why your numbers are so high. You give us permission to be genuine too...and you even make it look cool. :) Thanks Nikki!

  • Asking someone to share your stuff on their page is like asking someone to buy you a drink. If you're good, you don't have to ask.

    Also, laughing about poo-poo fingers. Thank you.

  • Sniff sniff sniff... (those are snot sniffles, not trying to smell Mary's poo poo fingers)
    You are an incredible person! What you are doing is AMAZING! Which is pretty much predictible because YOU are amazing! Women in America (and other countries) are blessed to have you. The image of perfection is something that is rampant through so much of our lives, in so many angles and areas. It's really hard to "fight" it. But, you have created a safe haven for women to come forward and be respected for the choices they make to do the best they can.
    Namaste. (Whatever the hell that means, but it felt fitting.)

  • Well said again Nic! Don't follow you for the numbers, I know they have monetary value for some but not my concern. I care about the connection of semi like-minded individuals and the freedom of expression. Sad that some have to press their "wants" and "values" on to others. I so wish I had something like MWDAS (both page and group) to support me when I was raising my rug rats. Just by your example you are providing women all over with not only support, but a much needed place to express their thoughts and outlooks. Keep doing what your doing and ignore the rabble rousers.
    As always
    Love ya!

  • I have no idea what you're talking about. But you make me laugh.

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    Just discovered you, and it's official....You. Are. My. Fucking. Hero.....

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    Just found you...pretty happy about that! Thanks for what you have been doing and as I read this already know just how much it means to all of us mommies! Aloha!

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