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STOP DOING THAT: Autism Edition

Those of you that have followed my blog from the get-go know a bit about me and my life. My level of share increases with my passion for a subject.  I cannot seem to find the words to convey how passionate I am about providing people with accurate information for families in need of knowledge... Read more »

Drama Momma plays Doctor Doom

Boy –      Mom, would you help me bandage up this cut on my knee? I think it’s infected? Me-       HOLY SHIT! IT’S TOTALLY INFECTED! How did this get so bad? You have to tell me when you have a cut like this! Boy-       I forgot. Me-       YOU FORGOT? Dude, you could lose a leg... Read more »

DAMMIT, I'm different.

Weaning from the bottle or binky, sleep training and potty training; pffffth….simple! Fielding questions about vaginas, boobs and wieners, how babies are made and whether or not Santa and the Easter Bunny are real; these are just a few of the things that are easier than the dreaded yet inevitable discussion I had with my... Read more »

In your letter

One slap happy evening the year after my dad died, my mom and I were having a glass of wine with leftover Thanksgiving turkey (okay, fine, we drank the entire bottle) and we started spinning twisted versions of what our Christmas letter might look like that year. Not that either of us have ever actually... Read more »