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I'm not mean, I'm a MOM!

“This is the worst day of my LIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEE!” my daughter whined and cried after losing her Littlest Pet Shop kitty at a bridal store. She sobbed and sobbed in the backseat of the car (O.K. mini-van), lamenting about all the things that were terrible in her life. She was hungry, tired, fighting a head cold,... Read more »

Make sure your kids know that Monsters ARE real

One time I was at a birthday party and a girl there was loudly making fun of what this other girl at the party was wearing. Technically this trash mouthed girl is a GROWN WOMAN talking badly about another GROWN WOMAN in the presence of young children, all of who heard every rude and cruel... Read more »

Holly-wisdom: Parenting under the influence of celebrity

“Hmmmm….good relationship advice for me tends to be honest and knowing yourself. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be mean. Don’t take shit. Don’t settle. “ Actress Kristen Stewart (on relationships) While sitting in a waiting room, I read the above quote by Kristen Stewart in an interview she did for Glamour magazine.  This wisdom got me thinking pretty... Read more »

Nittany Liars

I’m not just a blogger mom.  I’m also an experienced Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has worked with MANY troubled and abused children. Before I had children, the stories of physical and sexual abuse and neglect broke my heart. I was shocked and so naive about how common it was for children to be the... Read more »

Always blog on the BRIGHT side of life

I have the attention span of a gnat.  I’m constantly flitting around trying to get my frontal lobe the stimulation is needs.  The internet is one of the only places that provide me with the amount of information I need and delivers it at the speed that I require. The blogs I read have been... Read more »

Kitty's got PMS

 I have no idea how I’ve managed 17 years without every punching my husband in the face or at least “accidently” tripping him when I’m suffering from PMS. My humanity leaves me. I go insane and he takes it personally. I warn him, try to explain why he shouldn’t take it personally and resist submitting to... Read more »