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The social media is still somewhat mysterious to me.  Tweets and hashtags and blogs and RSS feeds and widgets and networking and the accumulation of “likes” ……..EXHAUSTING. I did recently become a Twitterer.  Unfortunately, it’s just another place where I can see that I’m missing some essential and quite possibly obvious, basic understanding of the social media beyond being merely social. I’m just a little behind on this.

I’m trying to figure it out, so I’m doing some “research.”  I started following this guy (on the tweet) who was following me because he knows people that I know and they told two friends and so on. The dude tweets a LOT. 56.25% (give or take .325%) of the time, I have no idea what the flying fuckaroo he is even talking about. It’s business, girlfriend, food, more business and his kid.  He tweets like a mofo and his stream of consciousness fascinates me. No lie.

 I also follow Jesus_M_Christ, Thrasher Magazine, Alec Baldwin, Severs Snape and the Queen of England. I’m just in it for the yucks. Turns out, this is not typical for the average Twitterbater, especially the mom blogger.  I guess Twitter is serious business! Who knew?

From my research, I’ve concluded that I’m not the typical mom blogger at all. I often use really offensive language and indirectly insult others while mocking their weakness as parents (as well as my own).  I swear, a LOT. I blog and post all in a span of about 30 minutes, not stopping to edit or do much more than spell check. I don’t have cool graphics or embed a bunch of awesome photos to support my message. A toddler could do the technical stuff better than I could. I’m somewhat lazy and highly distractible. I’m inconsistent and tend to be more general than specific when addressing a topic.

 My blogs are shorter than most.  I don’t have advertising (aside from the host stuff that I don’t even deal with – thanks Chicagonow!), giveaways, sponsors, or merchandise (well, a few things on Zazzle because people asked).  I don’t enter contests and ask for votes. I don’t spam Facebook pages with my links. I don’t have a newsletter or a “society.” I tweet about how much I love meat and how stupid my dogs are and how I can’t find a job and I re-tweet a hodge-podge of tweet from the people I stalk, I mean follow. FOLLOW, is what I meant.

I thought I was doing it wrong. Now I see that I’m just doing it a little different.

I do know that I love to write. I need to write. The same way I need to eat, drink, pee and get sexed up good; I NEED TO WRITE. It actually hurts me that I can’t sit down immediately and write anytime and anywhere. It’s an itch that HAS to be scratched. This is how I feel, so I write.

I also love to promote other writers and use my education and experience to help people.  I like making people laugh, that’s good too, but it’s almost too easy. My family is responsible for that, so make sure to thank them for being sloppy and bizarre and frustrating.

I’m one of thousands of Mom bloggers, but I don’t think I’m like them. Not because we are writing about different things or that I think I’m original, nopey nope. That’s not it. I think I’m different because I use the social network to reach out to people, instead of draw them in. I don’t want people to love me as much as I want them to love themselves and nurture their families with laughter and acceptance.

 I don’t want to worry about blog traffic, t-shirt sales, accumulating “likes” or votes in blogger contests. I can’t imagine having to adhere to the guidelines of advertisers/sponsors so that I can keep up a revenue stream.  FUCK THAT NOISE!

I will say that I’m still going to be a twittering twatster, Facebooker, blogger for the same reasons that I’ve always had; because I love people. I love them. I love to stare at them, smell them, listen to them, try to guess what they are thinking or feeling, and then write about my observations and opinions. They are mine. I don’t want some cereal company telling me that I can’t call someone a jackass if I think they are a jackass.

 I like to be able to share things with my audience, and I’ll keep doing so, but as I said today in my Facebook note, I will not be engaging in the blogging ‘BUSINESS’ for the time being. This means that emails to say “hello,” or to send me a funny or a story, are encouraged. I won’t be taking anyone up on offers seeking to partner in business or co-blogging (whatever that means), or honoring requests to promote your blog or business, because I don’t have to! Not just yet.

 I want to keep being me. I don’t want to morph into a brand or a stereotype. I’m not saying that other mom bloggers are merely those things. Not at all! I’m a HUGE fan of some really talented and genuine bloggers in all genres. Blogs can be a great way to earn some cold hard cash dollar money, and whoever is doing it and doing it well deserves it! YOU GO GIRLS (and boys)!

When I’m ready, you’ll be the first to know. It won’t be long. I’m just trying to figure it all out, and until I have that “ah ha” moment of understanding and gut feeling that pushes me in a certain direction, I’m going to keep plugging along just the way I have been for the past three years. This all started by accident, so the next step is going to be a bit more thought out. Right now, I’m thinking. Thanks for asking. Thanks for being so patient with me, however if you really want to have a T-shirt,  puffy paint works good. MWDAS in puffy paint and glitter would be extra glam. Someday I”ll be ready to roll with the big dogs.

 In the meantime, I just want to thank the tech gods for creating the social media platforms that allow me to engage in the business of observing, discovering, enjoying, mocking, entertaining, and sharing, grieving, laughing, learning and all the other ING things with so many other human beINGS. Seriously, who knew that stalking and spending a large chunk of time sharing intimate details of our lives with perfect strangers would become a socially acceptable behavior?


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  • Yeah I totally don't get Twitter, I've been on it for a few months but I'm fairly certain I've alienated all of my followers by incorrectly replying or retweeting or whatever I'm supposed to do. Besides that I'm a tad bit... verbose (I don't shut up) so condensing my senseless chatter into 140 characters is impossible. I prefer Facebook for now.

    I don't really get on board with the promos, giveaways and product reviews either, I like my blog to be about the writing as well. However I do think you should reconsider the MWDAS t-shirt idea cause that would rock ;-)

  • In reply to SurvivingFive:

    hey momma. you know i subscribe to your blog. i love it. the t-shirts are harder than you think. to have good quality merchandise and keep people happy takes time i don't have. there are a few things on zazzle and i am considering trying to do t-shirts and sweatshirts for the holidays because people are asking. ugh.

  • It's good that you are not like them! I feel like I am lost in a sea of mommy bloggers and hate being lumped into that box. And, whoa, are some really, really serious about their sites and their kids. I follow a lot of people who are not mom bloggers and kind of prefer it that way. Yes, I love my children, but I don't always want to hear about yours. Terrible? Maybe. But I don't always want to talk about kids, even though I have them.

    I love giving other people the shout out instead of constantly posting about myself, which I think Twitter is all about. It's also about being yourself and your blog is exactly that. You shouldn't be anyone that you are not b/c (most) people can see right through that garbage. Keep doing what you are doing b/c your genuine voice speaks to people.

  • In reply to erago:

    elizabeth, i read every blog that is sent to me in a link. i try at least. some i can't do because they are not interesting to me, but i give them a shot. i'm just having so much fun. i don't want to ruin it with worry. if i do end up becoming a product whore, i'll also see if the company can throw in a lobotomy and a lifetime supply of vodka so i won't care.

  • In reply to Nicole Knepper:

    It sounds like you are going with your gut feeling, which is have fun and not stress about the process. When you are ready to take the jump to a bigger platform, this transition will come naturally, don't you think? I can't believe you read all of those blog posts...

  • In reply to erago:

    i am. although i've been blogging for years, i was oblivious to the huge blogging community and opportunities and conventions until quite recently. it's a LOT to take in so i'm taking my time. thanks for taking time to comment and say something nice. i get a bit of nice and a bit of not so nice. feels good to know that not everyone thinks i'm beastly. xo

  • You had me until the part about making cold hard cash dollar money. Really? You can do that? Now I know that I'm doing it wrong.

  • In reply to autismarmymom:

    I KNOW, RIGHT? remember the movie "working girl?" she said, "i have a head for business and a bod for sin!" well, i have a bod for sin and head full of .....SQUIRREL! seriously, business? meh. i need a handler just to get through the day. i am the type that needs a boss. can't be my own. xo now go make money, mom blogger.

  • Holy hell you are amazing! You say what I'm thinking about 99% of the time. Plus stuff I didn't know I was thinking.
    Your current post has inspired me to start my own blog. When I crap me some time, of course. But writing, making people laugh, observing the bizarre behaviors of humanity, (I work in the local court house. I get paid to observe!) are all part of my psyche. I spend way too much work time flipping on facebook to quickly spew about the loser with no teeth or bra and wearing pjs. I could have a blog full of randomness during the day. Knowing that there maybe a protocol to the "blog" social world, and remind myself that I don't give a rats ass if I follow it or not, helps me know I can come up with my own thing.
    Thank you!

  • In reply to jkrings:

    thanks joleen. i'm glad you like my blog and hope you continue to read. humans are weird. i'm among the weird and loud bunch that keeps trying to figure it out. i am so glad you are starting a blog. let me know where to find it when you get it up and running. xo

  • I wondered what it was about your blog that interested me so much. Not that I had ANY experience with blogging, you are my first serious blog that I have really followed. But once again you explained it to me when you described you and your blog. It's exactly what I do observe people and enjoy the humanness of us all. I didn't want to read anyone that was selling anything, I have enough T-Shirts, mugs and water bottles; I get enough junk ads in my email inbox and now on Facebook. I just wanted to read someone who makes me laugh big time and is a little twisted but has a heart. People have said I should try blogging because I to love to write, but really for me that would be to much of a commitment as I really write to please myself, meh maybe someday. Anyway keep it up, I love to read your stuff and the other bloggers you refer, Love Accidental Dad, Surviving Five and MomsEveryday. Oh and do really like the MWDS group too. Thanks.

  • Oh I do also like that you like a good run on thought when you are on point with an idea, much like myself.

  • In reply to Vickiesb:

    thanks, vickie. so glad you like those other blogs. keep reading. i will always try to find good blogs, writers and information to share.

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