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Kicking it your own way

BE WHO YOU ARE!!/ArtJonakFanPage?sk=info
I love spending the day with my daughter. I really like who she is. Me – Hey girlfriend! Are you ready to kick it today? Girl – What? I don’ t even KNOW what you are saying about kicking. Me – I mean are you ready to go and have a fun day together? Kicking... Read more »

Donna was here

I met Sheila, A.K.A. Mary Tyler Mom, at a bar. Go figure. It was a get together of Chicagonow bloggers. I’m an energy sort of gal, and I knew immediately that she was positive. She was an absolute light in the dark and noisy bar. I was new to the group; meeting her and being... Read more »

Judge me, not my T.V.

My response to your opinion about my love of television and donuts. Click on link before continuing on with this blog. Watch, wonder, and then read on. I’ll wait. I love this furry little shit. Elmo’s compassion, talent and fearlessness astounds me, not to mention his uncanny ability to keep toddlers riveted to his awesomeness whether he’s tap dancing, rapping or just chillin’ with his peeps... Read more »

Que sais je?

This photo gives me great joy.
“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” Helen Keller  I have NO idea if the birth rate in this country is declining due to the high costs associated with raising a child, or if Americans are clinically depressed.   I do know about joy.    I... Read more »

She's a little bit AWESOME, she's a little bit rock and roll

His hat is totally full of AWESOME.
When I was 10 years old, I ran away from home. It wasn’t the first time, but it was my first attempt at an out of state run.  I was incredibly brave and optimistic, because I was only 10 years old. I could do anything, be anything, go anywhere!   I jammed as much clothing, books... Read more »

More and less of me

Will they be O.K. with less of me?
Going into labor only 26 weeks into a pregnancy was surreal. I was sure that the Braxton Hicks contractions weren’t supposed to start so early, but I was busy working and guzzling coffee on the morning I went into labor with my daughter. My initial concern slipped through my fuzzy pregnant brain too quickly for... Read more »

Giving a Hoot about sex

Thanks to Hooters in Joliet for making our family dinners special. Future Hooters girl? Whatever SHE decides.
I try not to let guilt take up too much space in my emotional closet, but this is quite a challenge as I’m raising my kids. I’ve done no less than 100 things that I said I’d never do. The real world of parenting threw me into a reality that I wasn’t prepared for due... Read more »

Moms# who Blog# and Tweet#

@queenofcussin on Twitter.
The social media is still somewhat mysterious to me.  Tweets and hashtags and blogs and RSS feeds and widgets and networking and the accumulation of “likes” ……..EXHAUSTING. I did recently become a Twitterer.  Unfortunately, it’s just another place where I can see that I’m missing some essential and quite possibly obvious, basic understanding of the... Read more »

Defending God

My mom is a lady and a woman of few words. Clearly, I take after my father. Cancer took him in 2003. The first time I heard my mom say, “Cancer sucks,” I was shocked.  Now when we hear of someone who is battling cancer, she will shake her head and say “Cancer sucks.”  She... Read more »