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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hmmm....and he's wearing a hat that is associated with a bald kid. Coincidence? Yes, it is.
I can’t remember what led up to my son having long hair. It just happened. His hair is longer than mine, longer than his sister’s, longer than any of his friends. He’s constantly chewing on it, and that’s what bothers me about his hair. THE CHEWING. It’s just totally disgusting. I like his hair. Even... Read more »

Did you say something?

It was insane! I had never experienced anything like this! For me, the social media environment was a dangerous and toxic place. Sort of like a bar is for a recovering alcoholic. I went from grateful to proud to confused to irritated to comforted to Danny Pintauro and really it was a real roller coaster for me. And don't email me about how you sell Tupperware because I don't want your shit, I want DANNY! I needed the election to be over before I looked like this.
Today I am focused. My superhero name today will be Focus Girl. I shall stay on task and be the mom I’ve always not been, that I rarely am, but that I want to be, because I have a list. First on the list is laundry. I so got this. Maybe my superhero name should... Read more »

Rock of Ages

Yeah, I met him. It was the 32nd best day of my LIFE>
If I can be honest for just a minute here without being judged too harshly, I’ll freely admit that I love the children’s singing group, The Wiggles. I care not a tiny turd what this says about me to the cool, hipster parents who cannot tolerate allowing their children access to anything but the grown... Read more »

Beauty, Beast and Banana Peppers

 I have my special quarter that I keep in the car so that I can get a shopping cart (ka-ching), and saunter slowly through the grocery store gazing at the beautiful bargains. At my store, you have to bring your own bags, bag your own haul AND if you don’t want to pay the  TOTALLY REFUNDABLE  quarter... Read more »

Too many hats on my plate

Too many hats on my plate
 You know that expression people use to describe a person who has many different roles to play, “She wears many hats.”  It’s annoying to me because it gives the impression that there is actually an option for any of us NOT to play many roles in life yet I can’t think of a better metaphor... Read more »

Bent on Global Domination

Bent on Global Domination
Tomorrow I will meet up with 40 or so Moms who drink and swear. One is coming from England, a couple from Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Utah and Rhode Island. Holy Crap. I have butterflies, but today I received the email I am posting below. It also gave me butterflies. I am reposting the link to my blog that the... Read more »

It might matter

Because everyone is a genius
Before I realized what I was getting myself into, I started blogging about parenting. I didn’t stop even once to consider the kind of reaction I would get. Why would I? I started a little group for my friends, who happened to be like minded parents with an appreciation for absurd, reality based rants.  Reality... Read more »