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Herpes and Dinner

Herpes and Dinner
Dinner is a soul sucking demon. Just as glitter is the herpes of the craft world, dinner is the herpes of the mom world.  You can go all day and not have thoughts of dinner, but it’s lingering, lurking, and mocking you because you know it’s there. It’s waiting to flare up and irritate the... Read more »

Parenting 101 by guest blogger Margit Crane

The beautiful and BRILLIANT Margit.
Be sarcastic. Don’t let it bother you at all that the word means “to tear flesh.” Kids are plenty sophisticated enough to understand that when you say, “Yes, of course I think you’re stupid,” you don’t in any way mean it. Plus! You’ll love it when they reach their teens and start dishing it back... Read more »

Conversations with Goddammit

It's fun to bake with the kids........
I’m guilty. You know those sleeveless, white undershirts that guys wear? What do you call them again? Wife beaters, that’s it. Eh, I didn’t forget, I’m just sad that I use that kind of language. I have called sleeveless undershirts wife beaters. In my opinion, the word wife beater makes me a thousand times more... Read more »

Dates with Ever

Flyer for the show with all the info. (<---- poet and i didn't know it)
I’ve decided that instead of hiding out behind the computer, I’m going to use my internet/Facebook celebrity to obtain alcoholic beverages whenever possible. I’m too technologically stunted and intimidated to figure out how to profit any other way. I’ve done interviews, podcasts and what-not and so-forth, but I’ve been hesitant to take my idiocy to... Read more »

Fill up the sex cup

Marriages are like snowflakes. They look the same when they are falling, but once you hold them in your hand and examine them under a magnifying glass, you see the complexity and uniqueness of the structure.  I am, however, seeing a pattern lately amongst friends. The guys want more sex, and the gals don’t want... Read more »

Soul to Soul Parenting

When I was pregnant with my second child, I could not fathom loving her the same way I loved my firstborn son. It worried me. Turns out I was right. I don’t love her in the same way at all. The way I feel about my children can’t be described. I can only feel my... Read more »

Cute as a Bug

Natalie "Bug" Siemek
She was cute as a bug, but now she’s gone. Natalie Anne Siemek was so little that her father, Dan, nicknamed her Bug.  Born with Hypoplastic heart syndrome, she lived only 15 short months.  How does a family keep the memory of a loved one alive while still moving forward? The Siemeks wanted to find... Read more »

True Grit

For blockheads to think on.......
Before I became the keeper of my own wee people, I harshly judged parents of small children. I’m not using hyperbole here with when I use the word harsh. I was HARSH! I gave dirty looks to crying children in church, in restaurants and on airplanes. When I saw a child walking about with a... Read more »

Happy Blow Your Face OFF Day

Who decided that the 4th of July was a time for blowing up shit? I’ve read that fireworks were used to boost the morale of the troops during the Revolutionary War. I like the thought of a good morale boost. I need one right now because the mom in me is on pins and needles... Read more »