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The rumor is true; I actually do like Justin Bieber. I like almost all music and won’t ever make fun of you for what you like so that’s why I post videos on my fan page. Like it or don’t. That’s what the button is for. The rumor that is false is that I am leaving Facebook. I am not leaving Facebook unless they remove me, which could happen. I really want to respond to some general questions that I’m getting so you know I am reading your stuff and doing my best to get back to you.

First of all I am on Twitter. I have no NO no NO idea why since I don’t know what to do with it aside from calling it “twatter,” and stalking celebrities. I am enjoying that part immensely.

B) I don’t plan to leave Facebook since that’s where I started this stuff and the platform is good even if those crazy bastards keep changing things. They DID delete the profile that I used for the page so it’s good that I had a back-up. I have no idea why they deleted it. I get reported quite often for those fubar pictures that you like so much. If I disappear, it won’t be my choice or I have been kidnapped.

Thirdliest: Yes, I am considering getting some merchandise but I have to be honest and tell you that it is a lot of money, work and headache and in case anyone has forgotten who I am I shall remind you. I am a stay at home mom who does part time freelance writing. I suck at all things involving technology and even posting a blog causes me tremendous stress. I do NOT have a business manager or anyone “handling” me. I can handle myself and I do it as much as I can.

IV) I find all of this strange. I do. You would if you were me! I really enjoy the pretend celebrity shit but trust me when I tell you that it causes more nuisances for me than pleasure because I get some guilt when I can’t return emails or some jerk face decides to shit in the punchbowl at the MWDAS party and then there are butt-hurt reports to fill out and egos to soothe.

Cinco;;; Yes, I am writing a book. I am actually working on 2 bookies. I am having a blast writing and soon I will be pounding the internet pavement begging some sucker to publish my musings. Some of you might hear from me because I am using quotes directly from Facebook because you bitches are hiphuckinglarious.

Lastness but NOT least (and this is important): The running joke about me is that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Once the group and page took off I decided to make sure that I was weaving in helpful information about mental health, charitable organizations, childhood illnesses, not for profit organizations and fellow bloggers. I’m passionate about healthy families, equal rights under the law for the LGBT community, autism awareness stuff and animal welfare.

I am NOT a professional writer and if there was an award for worst mechanics EVER in blog writing, I would not only win but I would GLOAT over my win. I’ll never be a copy editor but to me, the content is where I am hoping you will bury your heart and keep up with the movement.

Keep in touch. I lurve it.

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  • You are a fantastic writer - I love reading everything you write. You dare to say what I only ever think!!

  • In reply to teporama:

    you are sweet to say that and i am daring. i am also often wrong and stupid so it's even more excellent that you took the time to comment. thank you, dollface.

  • In reply to teporama:

    I love you & everything you write. I have all this shit to say & I type it out and reread it and think, damn I sound like a 5th grader. You write shit & I think YA! THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! Not sure where this saying came from cuz I think bombs are kinda scary but You da bomb! hehehehe p.s. I love everything from New Kids on the Block & Neil Diamond to Metallica - I love a person that can appreciate music and its totally NOT necessary to make fun of peoples music choices. I HATE THAT!

  • In reply to Arika5:

    thanks for saying nice stuff about me. i hear you on the tunes. we have satellite radio in our car and the schizo way i jump stations makes me so very happy! music is often the only thing that keeps me hanging by this fragile thread of sanity i have left. it connects people. it's so ridiculous when people are cruel about something as personal as music choices. variety is the spice of life and the soundtrack of YOUR life sounds fantastic. thanks for commenting.

  • In reply to teporama:

    I have followed you on FB for some time and have just recently read a few of your blogs. Keep on keepin on! I love your stuff! Best wishes on your books! Janelle

  • In reply to ocmsrzr:

    ooooooooooooooo thank you, janelle. i'm glad you like it. i love doing it. i also love writing. doing it is something i also love. "it." thanks for the wishes. xo

  • In terms of merchandise, I'll be interested in the MWDAS boxer briefs.

  • In reply to gwill:

    and you want them to say................?

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    It should say "edible" and it should be "edible." Just so my girl won't get confused.

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    I'm so happy happy happy to hear you're finally writing a book. I always kinda felt like you were my version of Carrie Bradshaw. You make me so proud to call you my friend! Heart you very much booby cakes!

  • In reply to DanielleBare:

    thanks doll. good talking to you today for sho. cannot wait until august when we eat real cake and flash our boobies all around chi-town.

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    I am sorry to say that right now in the music world there are two things that I cannot do. Country and Bieber. I can handle just about anything but not that. Not making fun, just can't handle it for me!!!
    As far as you writing a book I think that is wonderful and I would definately get it.
    I want to go to a MWDAS party!!! I live in the western burbs and need some cool friends to hang with from time to time because the kids suck the brains out of me.
    I'd be up for some cool MWDAS merchandise too...nice idea!
    I agree with a lot of people have said about you saying what we are thinking. I too am extremely opinionated with a bad potty mouth. I lack the "edit chip" when I talk sometime. Or I think so much and I don't want to let it spill over so I keep it all in and my brain starts screaming.
    Now I'm rambling...keep it going with the writing and thanks!

  • In reply to Deanne:

    thanks for the message mix! i get that people have preferences, i just think it's good manners to NOT bash other people's loves. variety is important in this world. nobody wants to be mocked for who they are and music preferences speak volumes (get it? hehehehe) about what is in our hearts and minds. vocal haters show close mindedness. i recommend that haters hate in private and burn up their own insides and leave us lovah people ALONE. thanks for the follow!

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    Keep on, keepin' on, Nikki! Your blog is one of the things that keep me sane these days. I was so happy to discover you because I thought maybe I was the only mommy who called her spawn various awful names, but still adore them to pieces.
    I'm curious to know, how many followers does your actual blog have? It seems like only a small percentage of fb followers read your actual blogs. Chris's blog (From the Bungalow) is kinda like that, he has more fb followers that subscribers to his blog. It's interesting.
    Thanks for appreciating his writing, btw. It means a LOT to him. He really respects you, as do I. You were part of my inspiration to start blogging. Nothing worthy of mentioning yet, but Chris has pimped out both of my posts so far and the response has been pretty good.
    Just know that whatever you write, I will read!

  • In reply to kantal113:

    dear GOD if i'm keeping you sane then we need to get you more help. j/k doll, thank you for the complement. we love chris at mwdas.

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    "When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So, what the hell, leap!-- Cynthia Heimel"

    Sound familiar? I live by this, and seems that you do, too. Plus, Heimel sounds very close to Hymen, so it makes me laugh a little whenever I quote it.

    p.s. if you leave Facebook, I will stalk you, so just don't.

  • In reply to heyhertl:

    that quote is magnificent. i am a quote stalker. thanks for that one. i'm not the most gigantic idiot but i could win a local contest. thanks for the follow. i WILL keep writing.

  • In reply to nikkiknep:

    p.s. yes, I read your post and I know you're not leaving FB, just I'm just sayin'...

  • I can handle myself and I do it as often as I can?
    I hope you dont mind,but even if you do,I'm claiming said phrase in the name of France(or whatever)Congratulations on the double blogsies and the books-es in progress.I look forward to the merchandise catalog(meh)and long for the day when I can proudly state;"That is not my MWDAS penis pump" Happy 2sday

  • In reply to mccscott71:

    handler....seriously i should have one because i'm sort of all over the place and schiz buti handle it. i look into visiting france someday when i backpack through europe if i ever get a life or a real job. i mean one that actually gives me a decent paycheck. thanks for representing!

  • I couldn't have picked a better auto-avatar for that^ post if I tried.Which I didn't.

  • In reply to mccscott71:

    i know, right? cone and penis pump? the gods are listening. can i call you mclovinscott?

  • I will always pimp your shit, Nikki. You've got lots o' heart, humility, guts, a sense of humor and other MILFtastic qualities. <3 u, lady. ~Chris (FtB)

  • In reply to chachmcgee:

    thank you for being my pimp, chris. can we talk about my percentage because momma needs a new pair of shoes. thanks again.

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