Dogs and Tunes

Last fall when my first “baby”, Mona the dog died I received a lot of hugs and words of support from friends and family. It was sort of like the diarrhea frosting on the shit cake of last year. 2009 was rough.

When I am grieving or needing escape I always choose music. All genres are acceptable. As a matter of fact I believe that when I’m an old fart I will most certainly be able to reminisce about my life by remembering what dog and what music I was loving at the time of any event. For me, life is a series of dogs and tunes.

When my father was sick and dying there were a few specific songs that I had in constant rotation. Here are a few of them: “In the Light” by a Christian band called DC Talk, ”I can’t help falling in love with you” by Elvis Presley, “I’ll be seeing you,” Billy Holiday, and then anything WITH ANGRY LOUD ROCK AND ROLL (Metallica, Motorhead, Judas Priest). My sweet dog Mona was still alive and on the day we put my father in the ground there was shock and awe on the ground in Iraq. For days after his death I listened to Pachalbel’s Canon in D and imagined him as glittery sparkles floating in the heavens.

Holly, the absolutely idiotic dachshund/mini-pincher mix, and songs by The Beatles will always remind me of the time of life that I am experiencing now –  such an intense and powerful stage of life. I keep finding myself feeling completely shocked at how time is flying by and I can’t shake the feeling that big changes are on the horizon. When my kids are asleep, I write in their journals, listen to The Beatles and usually have a dog or two snoring next to me. These are precious moments for me. “In My Life” and “Beautiful Boy” have been in the rotation lately.

John Lennon said/sang, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” This is true for many people and it used to be that way for me when I was a working mom. This morning I broke the no television before school rule and had a TV date with my son. We watched “World’s Dumbest” and snuggled up on the sofa giggling with Holly (the idiot wiener) and Chloe(the old granny shedding machine). Everything felt perfect and safe and I realized that soon I will be back to work and spending less and less time with my kids, dogs, and tunes. How will I deal with these impending changes?

I have to return to work and I sure can’t stop time. My kids are growing up and away from me and my Chloe dog is limping and hacking like a bum under a bridge. Although I embrace the excitement and potential for both my family and myself, I couldn’t help feeling a little sad this morning and then “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus started playing on the iPod speakers in the kitchen.

Talk about a moment in time! I decided to give Chloe an extra biscuit and snuggle. I want to remember this time right now when my family is healthy and all under the same roof. A time when I can feel focused, grateful and at peace with my life regardless of some of the diarrhea frosting and mounds of dog poo that surround me.

This is my wish for you. Dogs and Tunes (or Cats, Hamsters, Fish, Lizards, etc.).


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  • We have a rescue chihuahua who likes to shit by the TV when its cold out. Super.

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