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Muse. I love that word. I find these guiding spirits and sources of inspiration everywhere because I’m always looking. I NEED to be inspired to get through the day. Fortunately I don’t have to look very far.

My friend Julie Brophy from “Shit My Kids Ruined” or SMKR inspires me. If you haven’t seen or heard about SMKR I have to warn you it’s not for the humorless mom. This stuff is hilarious, painful and real. It’s brutal! My kids have ruined shit but the photos and stories featured will knock you OUT. Check her out on Facebook and her website. Thousands of people have contributed to SMKR because it makes them feel less alone while they wallow in disbelief at the trail of tears behind them while cleaning up the kind of messes you really only see when kids are involved.

Julie inspires by encouraging us all to find humor in a situation that is not only frustrating but expensive. Fact: kids ruin shit. Choice: Laugh or cry? She recommends laughter. Stuff is just that – STUFF. It can be replaced. You can’t say that about a person. I choose to be inspired. I choose to look for inspiration. I CHOOSE LAUGHTER so I choose to seek out a regular hit of SMKR.

When I started my blog, Facebook group and page there seemed to be confusion about whether or not I was actually speaking to my children the way I write. Humor is subjective. Personally I think it’s always funny when someone falls, farts or poops their pants. I also love laughing at monkeys. If a monkey fell down, farted supersonic loud and then shit his little monkey pants (assuming he was wearing pants) then I’d be laughing the laugh/cry. I also think it’s funny to imagine what I really want to say in response to some of the shit my kids say and do.

It soothes me that I can accept my venomous and inappropriate thoughts knowing that frustration and anger are perfectly normal when dealing with children and from the feedback I’ve been getting it sounds like I’m not alone. I think it’s honest and brave to be able to surrender to my own humanity. I thought I’d be such a different type of mom then I have turned out to be but I like the real version better than the fantasy. I am inspired by the Muse Moms that I seek out on a daily basis. I gots to have a “hit” of like- minded reality to get through the day so every Monday I’m going to share a Muse with you.

You’re welcome and I hope you like me and my monkey.

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  • thank you for this. I had to just clean up poo that was all over the wall because is "shot out of my butt and stinks".

  • "I NEED to be inspired to get through the day"

    Who are you married too, the most lifeless man in the western world sporting a limited choad?

  • In reply to gwill:

    Hey, we don't discuss our crappy marriages here! Read the blog! ;)

  • In reply to hollylikexmas:

    And why do we all have blue pylon pics? Is this what we've come to? =D

  • In reply to hollylikexmas:

    Holly, there's NO reason you should be in a crappy marriage (based on your photo).

  • In reply to hollylikexmas:

    I love that gwill is always making fun of things you say but keeps coming back for more! hes addicted! :)

  • In reply to JessicaP:

    Guilty as charged, gwill is an addict. Nicole has one of the more entertaining blogs on Chicagonow (although some of Nicole's friends tend to take gwill's words a bit too seriously).

  • In reply to gwill:

    rock on gwill...........

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