Help a bloody bitch Sunday

Can you help a bitch please? I ask this because lots of bitches need help.

Before MWDAS got too big for its britches on Facebook I attempted to direct attention to specific people who needed a boost. I called it “Help a Bitch Sunday.”

I don’t know about you, but there are times that I read a story about a person or a family that makes me feel sad and lucky at the same time. When l feel like the universe is using me for a toilet I try to remember that much better people than me have much worse shit going down. It shuts me up in a hot second.

The bitch I want to help today is you. You might not need the help on this particular Sunday of bitch helping, but I guarantee that you or someone you love or someone they love will need the help I’m talking about. BLOOD.

[America’s Blood Centers Home Page]( I am asking you to read this home page. I’m begging. If you have the attention span of a toddler then just PLEASE read numbers 1-10 of the 56 facts. Someone needs blood every two seconds. EVERY TWO SECONDS. As you read those last three capitalized words someone needed blood. BOOM! There is goes again! You just read that sentence and this time that person is someone you love.

Here comes the bitch in me. I understand if you cannot donate blood. I’ll say it again. I understand if you cannot donate blood. For years, I could be counted among the people who could not, so I found other ways to help a bitch. I don’t want to hear about it if you can’t. I’m not judging you or encouraging you to beat yourself down because you can’t. Get over it. Forward on this information to a friend or family member and ask them to do it for you. Tell them you need them to donate a pint of their healthy and delicious blood. Offer to drive them, watch their kids while they donate. That’s helping a bitch, fo sho.

What I am saying is that if you CAN donate blood then you SHOULD donate blood. If you can you should. If you can you should. If you can you should. If you can you should. In the time it took me to type that sentence at least 3 people needed blood. Just sayin’.

[America’s Blood Centers Claire’s mom doesn’t get dead giving birth to her ]( Claire Larson has a mother today because 250 people gave blood. 250? Yep. Laurie Larson required 250 units of blood to save her life on the very day her daughter Claire came into the world. This mother and daughter almost didn’t meet. She is a sister mom. She is one of us today because 250 people gave blood. THIS IS NOT JUST A STORY. THIS IS A PERSON. I want you to feel it.

If you cannot give blood that’s a huge bummer but that doesn’t mean that you wasted time reading this. Please share the information.

[LifeSource]( By clicking on the Lifesource link you can find a location and make an appointment online. This is for Chicagoland bitches. I hear that they accept tiger’s blood AND Adonis DNA (hear that Sheen?).

Perks include: time alone without freeloading spawn, lying down for a minimum of 20 minutes uninterrupted, conversation with adults, free snacks and the saving lives with minimal effort.

If you don’t share this with someone today then you suck. My opinion.

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  • Thank you Nikki! We bitches appreciate all you do. It's the laughs and insight that gets us all through and you are a large part of that. I am off to help a fellow Bitch. Happy Sunday!

  • I know that Delta Blood bank (NorCal) has been low for a while.( they tell me everytime they call) Please give blood, after a while you just get used to doing it. I give blood (So far its only a gallon -every little bit helps). I think we need to MAKE time to do it. Our fellow People need us to do it. Please don't let our blood banks stay low! If just a few of us would make more time (45 minutes) to do this -Imagine the people we could help! The cool travel cups and liscence plate holders, huge candy bars, there are rewards other than just giving the blood (which is enough for me).People YOU are needed! You can help for FREE-Give Blood. You can do it no matter where you live!

  • My sis & I have been crapped on by anemia and transfusions, but our husbands donate regularly. I'll recruit more. Thanks, Nikki, for helping us tired, cold bitches out!

  • In reply to hollylikexmas:

    i hear that holly. anemia kept me out of the loop for a few years. i was stoked when i was finally able to donate but you both know that there are many other ways to give back and i'm sure you are on it sista....i believe.

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