And they told two friends and so on and so on and so on......

Many years ago before Facebook, my friend Lisa sent an email out to our group of friends that set the stage for Moms Who Drink and Swear. Imagine if you can this hilariously horrifying scenario.

A stay at home mom is juggling two small children while her husband is out of town for a week on business while all three of them have a stomach virus causing MASSIVE amounts of diahrrea, vomit, and tears to flow. She two days burning with a fever, trying not to shit her pants while drying tears, cleaning up leaky diapers and cradling vomiting children in her lap only to find she is too exhausted to even sleep at night. During the night she tosses and turns worrying about her terminally ill father 500 miles away, financial problems, and did I mention that she is pregnant? Oh yeah, she’s knocked up. I wish I had saved the email. I laughed and I cried.

Facebook changed the way my friends and I communicate with each other. One line status updates have replaced the colorful rants we share about potty training, colic, financial stress, marital woes, etc. As a lover of all things incoherent and rambling this makes me cranky. I like the long-winded, shambolic, stressed fueled outbursts. I have come to NEED the humor and connectedness that my brilliant friends provide in my life. Two years ago I created the Facebook group as a forum for our histrionic tirades. It was selfish. I need the support like Charlie Sheen needs a posse of parasitic porn star goddesses.

It didn’t take long before the word spread and hundreds (now thousands) of moms started sharing and craving the daily “hit” of MWDAS relief. It also didn’t take long for some pretty incredible friendships to form among strangers from around the world. It’s not an exaggeration to say that lives have been changed by these connections and new friendships. I plan to share some of these stories that will make even cold hearted bitches sob the ugly slobber cry.

I have decided to increase my blog presence and add some wonderful contributors to the mix. I want MWDAS to become a force for change in the lives of weary, grateful, loving and imperfect moms. I want US to make a difference. I crave for MWDAS to be driven by philanthropic events and of course continued social support and laughter among like-minded women (and men).
By becoming part of the Chicago Now website (Chicago Tribune), I will be able to reach you more effectively with news and events as well as help you continue to stay connected to this therapeutic and grounding method of coping with the day to day challenges and privileges that come with being a parent and NO I do NOT plan to clean up my foul mouth or stop being irreverent, inappropriate ,RAW, offensive and fantabulously disgusting, nor do I plan to start using proper spelling and grammar or stop using confusing run-on sentences. Like……..EVER.

P.S. A late summer MWDAS “convention” in Chicago is in the works for those who have asked.

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  • Well I am impressed. You are really getting this going!!! Wit all the crap you must deal with on a daily basis- I truly hope this becomes your home away from home and you see it flourish into the philanthropic masterpiece you want it to be!

  • Awesomeness! Semper Fi Nikki!

  • Hey, if you ever need a writer (with a legion of haters) to contribute, let me know. I'd love to tell you I have a legion of fans but unfortunately a portion of my commenters want my head on a stick. Like, what is so controversial about liking Rebecca Black? Whatev. My kids still love me. I think.

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