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The Agony of Defeat

Anyone that follows my blog or fan page and doesn’t know me might mistakenly believe that I’m pure snark and venom; a real “in your face” type of broad. Those who DO know me know that I’m a snuggly, flaky, conflict fearing, spaz who doesn’t like to be angry and easily forgives in exchange for... Read more »

May the force be with you.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot? For those of you who follow me on Facebook you might share the same high level of attitude chafing at the removal of Darth-pooper from my fan page. I was also warned that I had violated Facebook’s terms of use and would be “grounded” so to speak from posting photos for 30... Read more »

Super- Sox fan son of mine

For two glorious/horrifying years our family lived in a 100 + year old “fixer upper” Victorian style house in Chicago. Imagine the movie “Money Pit.” That was the horrifying part. The gloriousness of city living made the horror bearable. Both my parents were born and raised in Chicago. I grew up enjoying the city and... Read more »

Muse Monday

This is as decorative as I'm going to get.
Muse. I love that word. I find these guiding spirits and sources of inspiration everywhere because I’m always looking. I NEED to be inspired to get through the day. Fortunately I don’t have to look very far. My friend Julie Brophy from “Shit My Kids Ruined” or SMKR inspires me. If you haven’t seen or... Read more »

Help a bloody bitch Sunday

Can you help a bitch please? I ask this because lots of bitches need help. Before MWDAS got too big for its britches on Facebook I attempted to direct attention to specific people who needed a boost. I called it “Help a Bitch Sunday.” I don’t know about you, but there are times that I... Read more »

Married? YES Married!

Lots of emails lately and it means a great deal to me that you take the time to personally contact me, send me photos, share stories and ask questions. I want to address a frequently asked question. Yes, I’m married. I don’t rant or write specifically about my husband for a few reasons. The first... Read more »

Fundraising Friday

It’s all true. Everything you hear about my viper tongued venomous rants, poor spelling and grammar and overall idiot-ness. It’s also true that I’m a decent human being despite my faults and that I have ALWAYS used Moms Who Drink and Swear to increase awareness in the mom world about things like autism, juvenile diabetes,... Read more »

Cheese please

Yesterday I was standing next to a GINORMOUSLY pregnant young lady while waiting in line at the deli. She was uber-muy-very pregnosarus rex as in HOLY SHIT SHE MIGHT DELIVER THE BABY BEFORE SHE GETS HER KRAKUS HAM preggers and young. Young as in a 20 something wrinkle free, tight perky assed, still got that... Read more »

And they told two friends and so on and so on and so on......

Many years ago before Facebook, my friend Lisa sent an email out to our group of friends that set the stage for Moms Who Drink and Swear. Imagine if you can this hilariously horrifying scenario. A stay at home mom is juggling two small children while her husband is out of town for a week... Read more »

Chance or choice?

Several years ago I was lying on an examining table watching a waggly little fetus wiener on the ultrasound screen confirming that my hunch about my baby’s gender was indeed incorrect. All the girl dreams were wrong. I was having a son. I hoped he’d be healthy. I hoped he wouldn’t’t grow up to be... Read more »