One Day at a F*&king Time

One Day at a F*&king Time
Nikki, where have you been? Gone are the days when I was a lonely and frustrated parent who needed space to understand why it was so hard to not to lose myself in the temporary space of parenting young children. Every generation wants to do better than the last. We want to do right by... Read more »

Moms Who Drink And Swear Facebook Live

HI! It’s me, Nikki, A.K.A. the “Queen of Cussin” (I don’t know who came up with that) and Moms Who Drink And Swear blogger and author. Tonight, Sunday, April 26th, I am doing a Facebook Live from my Moms Who Drink And Swearâ„¢ Facebook page at 7pm Central Standard Time. I’ve never done this, I’m... Read more »

Pornography, Baby Animals, Coping Skills, and MY NEW BOOK

Pornography, Baby Animals, Coping Skills, and MY NEW BOOK
Would you be interested in hearing a story about porn and baby fucking animals? Just in case I didn’t grammar that first sentence correctly, I am NOT offering to share a story about baby animals fucking. Because WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THAT? Ugh…I don’t like to be judgmental, but even I... Read more »

Reasons for blogging. Or not blogging. Meow!

Three years ago, blogging and social media shenanigans got kicked down to the bottom of my priorities list for a number of reasons, important reasons and a shifting of priorities. These reasons and priorities took up most of my time. But not all of it. I had plenty of time to blog. The main reason... Read more »

The Soundtrack for Self Care 2017

Happy New Year! I wish you all the happiness you can hold in 2017. But wishing isn’t really helpful for those who are like, “‘Da fuq, Nikki? That’s all you gonna do for me?” My husband says, “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, which one fills up faster?” That’s right…shit.... Read more »

There is NO excuse for abuse. #abuseisabuseisabuse

“A reason is an explanation given to an event or series of events. An excuse is intended to lessen liability, accountability, or responsibility. Choose which one of these is acceptable in your life.” Kelly Rudolph There is NEVER an excuse for abuse. Ever. Abuse is abuse is abuse. I recently posted a link to the... Read more »

World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

Today is World Mental Health Day. One day? Yes, ONE. One day CAN matter. If we call would just take ONE DAY to raise awareness about mental health issues, we could all reach ONE person and that ONE person might be THE person who needed to talk about mental health issues. This year’s World Mental... Read more »

The Danger of Disappearing into Motherhood

There was a time when I felt like I was disappearing into motherhood, like I had zero individual identity aside from whatever was happening that involved my offspring. Actually, I felt like I was disappearing in general. Everything was terrible. EV-ERY-THI-I-ING. I barely recognized myself – not just my face, but my thoughts. I didn’t... Read more »

How to LISTEN #BlackLivesMatter

Last week, during a session, a client thanked me for being a good listener. A GOOD LISTENER! Wow. I closed the door and cried a little afterward. There is nothing more important to me than being a good listener. NOTHING. After almost two decades of being a therapist, where listening is THE most important part... Read more »

Boundaries are NOT bullsh*t

If you gathered my past and present clients in a room and asked them to tell you something I never shut the fuck up about, I’m 99% sure they would all say, “OMG, BOUNDARIES!” And, “Sometimes I want to shove that boundaries bullseye bullshit down her throat.” The thing is, they know and I know... Read more »