How come the US Government can only bring half the country's poor children out of poverty?

How come the US Government can only bring half the country's poor children out of poverty?
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Over and over I hear the White House boasting that “our policies have brought half the kids in this country who were in poverty out of poverty.”

Half? Is this something to be proud of?

When it comes to kids in America, half a loaf isn’t better than none. A whole loaf is absolutely required.

No half measures allowed. Full measures for all. No poverty is acceptable–not half, a quarter, a tenth–or even one percent. This is the United States of America. We help other countries lift their people out of poverty. We should not be leaving any of our kids in poverty.

So how was bringing half the kids in our country in poverty out of poverty accomplished? It’s murky. By providing tax credits to the tune of $300 per child per month to families making up to $200,000 a year?

No one explains sufficiently how this tax credit worked. All I know is that the pols can’t stop crowing about how wonderful it is that half the kids who were in poverty in our country are now out of poverty. (Uhhhhhh…. The other half are still there….)

Maybe all the children could come out of poverty by making the tax credit available for those only making up to $100,000?

I’m no math wizard. I just figure cutting the number of recipients at the top to cover the other half of the kids still at the bottom might work. Fair enough?

But it doesn’t matter what I understand. Or what you understand. What matters is that politicians are crowing about half our kids who were in poverty are now out of poverty. And the other half are still there.

“For-the-childen” Pelosi loves to say how wonderful it all is, and Biden (when he’s awake) and Harris (when she stops laughing) love it, too.

“We’ve brought half the poverty-stricken kids in this country out of poverty,” they squeal with great delight every chance they get. With much pride, and with big smiles and victory fists aiming hight above their heads.

What do half the kids who are still in poverty think?

What kind of pride is this?

Sickening pride.

Crazy pride.

False pride.

Corrupt pride.

Dishonest pride.

Cynical Pride

Stupid pride.

Unacceptable pride.

It’s nothing to be proud of. Why can’t we have a country in which no child suffers from poverty, a country of haves–and no have nots. How can our government accept leaving half the kids who need help not getting any?

What kind of a goal is this for the richest country on earth?

This government allowed billions of dollars to be stolen that was destined to help those decimated by the pandemic, and that is probably responsible for some kids living in poverty. And the government has spent millions on asinine things like gender studies in Pakistan. And millions and millions more has been wasted because arms were left behind and abandoned in Afghanistan that had to be replaced. For us–and for other countries that depend on us to help defend them.

And so many other totally unacceptable expenditures have been allowed by politicians for the benefit of those who support them.

I could make a list that goes on forever with our wasteful ways and the hideousness of the undeserving oligarchies here and abroad that get our cash. And not our kids who need it.

The utter unfairness and despicableness of hard-earned taxpayer cash being thrown down the drain and flushed down the toilet, and not used for the kids that the government has left in poverty is awful.

Kids have been left behind and the government ignores them and cheers for itself.

Is that who we are?

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