If Biden's now channeling Bernie, how come they wouldn't let Bernie be the actual nominee?

If Biden's now channeling Bernie, how come they wouldn't let Bernie be the actual nominee?

There was a big change in the 2020 presidential campaign last week when the dems suddenly decided to run Bernie as their nominee.  Even though he looks exactly like Biden.

The latest political bait and switch.

When Biden’s poll numbers start to drop (and they will) the dems have an ace in their hole.  Bernie. They want everyone to believe Bernie is really running.  Bernie’s popularity (not to mention his mental health) is more stable; his supporters more committed.  He is a far better man.  And a far better candidate.

And he will be used.

But nowhere did I, an ardent Bernie lover and supporter, hear from Biden anything that really sounded like Bernie.  Nothing clear and outspoken and honest.  Nothing that Bernie really promulgated over his last two campaigns, or what he stood for during his long and thoughtful career.

What I heard was lip service paid to Bernie.  Not to mention AOC’s Green New Deal.  (She endorsed Bernie in the primary, saying she was uninterested in going backward with Biden.  And reports are that they have never spoken; he hasn’t reached out to her at all.)

Nowhere did I hear Medicare (for all), public college tuition (for free), or get the bums on Wall Street out (of the political mix).

Not the way Bernie says it.

But the transcribers of history told a story of the newly conjoined Bernie-Biden twins.

Bernie the enabler?

Biden also said, “Buy American!  Get our manufacturing back home!”  Or some such.  And plagiarist that he is, he also sounded like Trump.  Hard to know who the real Biden really is.  Bernie?  Or Trump?

Perhaps Hunter Biden the son will have to come out of his drugged crack-haze and re-create his job of getting dad to give China whatever will make it happy.  “Scowling at China is Trump’s job, dad,” he’ll say.  And voila!  The Chinese will give Hunter an even bigger cash payment when his father stops saying what Trump says.

The administration of which Biden was a part for eight years gave China whatever it wanted from us–beg, borrow or steal.  Lunch-bucket Joe was a phony.  He could have spoken up for all this stuff for eight years as Obama’s vice.  But he didn’t.  But now he says he will.  Yeah, sure.

Did Bernie hear something Biden said that was really like Bernie?  Or did he just hear what he wanted to hear? Because the only real thing that indicated Biden would be conducting a platform like Bernie’s was Bernie said he would.  In fact, Bernie said Biden would be the most progressive president since FDR.

Bernie the enabler?

Biden was the exact opposite of Bernie in his career up until last week. Not to mention FDR.

Poor Bernie doesn’t want to be Ralph Nader in his old age.  Or in his grave, once he’s in it.  So it seems to be very important for his personal legacy to play along, no matter what he hears from Biden.  So it won’t be Bernie’s fault if Biden collapses and doesn’t win.  Like Hillary.

For the second time over four years, Bernie’s going to beat the drum for a neo-liberal phony who thinks nothing of declaring war (or gassing up the ones we’re already in) or giving banks back tons of stolen money because they’re too big to fail.

But if Bernie’s ideas are so great, and Biden is so eager to pretend to be Bernie, why were the powers that be in the democrat party so eager to get rid of Bernie in the first place?  He was the real deal, and winning, scandal-free, totally corruptionless, honest, committed to fairness, enthusiastic, energetic, straightforward and a true mensch.  Unlike who they really have: the exact opposite.

Because that’s not the kind of candidate they really like.  And right now, they’re putting us on to get the Bernie voters under false pretenses.

What was wrong with keeping Bernie in the primary (as well as everyone else who wanted to stay) and let the chips fall where they may, even if it led to a drag out fight on the convention floor?   Now there won’t even be a convention floor.

One thing we learned this time around.   Tom Perez’ shark like tendencies make Debbie Wassermann Schultz look like an angelfish.

So after months of Biden hiding in his basement because it’s too scary to let him out to gaffe, gaffe and gaffe some more, or give him an opportunity to tell a few whoppers, or plagiarize some memorable lines  written by someone else (even Trump) or remind everyone he’s a harasser and corrupt, and an ineffective insider–and violent to boot, the way he was challenging anyone during the primary who disagreed with him to a fistfight in the alley, they finally let him out to tell everyone he’s really Bernie.

Biden is no Bernie.  Bernie won’t gaffe, challenge, threaten, lie, plagiarize, or be corrupt or creepy or a touchy-feely.  But Biden will.  And has.  So he stays locked behind a mask in front of bookcases, keeping his dirty little secrets in his rec room.  He’s an empty Biden, hollowed out–and now falsely filled with Bernie.  Like a gas tank in an old car that gets filled with Premium.

Biden is Bernie only because he is wearing a Halloween disguise.

He’s not Bernie.  He’s only pretending to be Bernie so he can maintain his high numbers and win.   He knows that eventually Trump will mount a campaign and he will use Bernie as a (false) sword and shield.    And then, if he wins, and after he’s through cutting a few ribbons, and taking a few trips to Europe and being made fun of at the White House Correspondent’s dinner (which all presidents love to be), he’ll say he’s getting old and he’ll retire.

Biden has nothing to offer but nothingness.  He will be an empty vessel that all neo-liberal democrat leaders will have their way with.  Which means maintaining the status quo and keeping their deep, rich gravy train choo-choo-chooing from Wall Street, Big Pharma, the Arms Manufacturers, Big Insurance Companies and many, many other big donors they shouldn’t be having anything to do with.

And for vice they’ll pick for him the person who was unable to compete on her own and win, failing dismally as the actual candidate.  But you’ll get her anyway.  Even though she couldn’t get it on her own. Lick those chops and rub those lascivious palms, dems, because Barack wants his female counterpart in line to be president in very short order.  (You can read all about the Harris plan here.)

Trump the Chump will probably go down the escalator of history as a mere seat warmer for the next phase (s) of the Obama administration.

And Biden, the  empty (lounge) suit can let everyone who hasn’t thought things through project onto him their favorite three words:  Anybody But Trump.

And what will we get?  A lot of meaningless virtue-signaling.  Sorry for the redundancy.

In the end, Bernie wasn’t good enough for the mainstream dems; and Creepy Joe with all his baggage (forgot to mention Anita Hill, but remember her, too) is going to be their guy.  But if it had been played straight, Bernie would be the nominee–and the president, too.  Going on twice.

Bernie’s ideas–as stated by a mushed up gaff machine like Biden–are the dems’ new platform.  So mushed up, they sound like Trump.  Bernie with a side of Trump.  (Or vice versa. )  And in the end, all you get is Creepy Joe.

And Bernie–a wishful thinker hearing only what he wants to hear.  He may go down in history, at least this time, as NOT Ralph Nader, but he he will also go down in history as a convenient lackey and a total pushover.  And he’ll see his simple, fair and much-needed ideas vaporized by this group of liars and fakers.

But that’s the way “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black [unless you’re Corn Pop]” Biden rolls.

And Bernie got rolled.

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