The Biggest Biden Bernie Betrayal of all may be on its way: Kamala Harris for VP

The Biggest Biden Bernie Betrayal of all may be on its way:  Kamala Harris for VP

The only time Senator Kamala Harris made any headway as a presidential candidate was back in June.  In a debate.  When she told Vice President Joe Biden that even though she really didn’t believe he was a racist, he was a racist.  Because he worked with racists in Congress in the past and that he’d been against busing back in the day.

She was all rehearsed and polished when she broke in during the debate to say that.  She’d practiced the attack and didn’t want it to go to waste.  And she had a Tweet all ready, too.  Which went out within seconds of her attack.  And so did the related merch; it was all ready to roll, just as fast as her new followers could get online and buy it.

Her numbers zoomed up rapidly.  But they toppled down just as fast.  As she walked it all back and changed her mind a few times in every direction.

Negative information started coming out about her, too–about her prosecutorial record, and the way she zoomed up in politics in California, going from a prosecutor to district attorney and then to attorney general of California and Junior Senator of same.

And then?  She dropped embarrassingly behind Andrew Yang–to 5th place–in her home state.  And behind Tulsi Gabbard in New Hampshire. And behind just about everyone who was anyone in Iowa.

Voters figured out she was nothingness personified.  But more than fluff, to be sure.  Because ultimately they found out she was a mean and thoughtless prosecutor who laughed and laughed, for instance, when she broached the biggest idea of her career:  she was going to “spend political capital” on, of all things, jailing California parents of truants.

(Watch that performance on the video within the whole story here.)

So who was the racist then?

She also laughed and laughed on the radio last year, when she talked about smoking pot when she was younger.  Hearing what she said angered her father no end; he called it pandering.  Which made me wonder how much she laughed and laughed when she locked up a ton of young black men for pot violations–as a California prosecutor.  Some for life.

So who was the racist then?

But Biden told Harris–virtually–at a virtual fundraiser for Harris a few days ago to retire her campaign debt that he and she were going to work together against Trump.   And that he was “coming for” her.

And I don’t think he meant he was coming for Kamala the way he came for Corn Pop.  Everyone’s said since Day 1 that she’d be his vice (no pun intended).

He’s coming for her, say the pundits–as early as this week–ever more loudly now, the same ones who’ve been saying it since they both announced their presidential intentions–that he’d be coming for her as his running mate.  If he won and she didn’t.

Why now?  If the chattering class is right, picking a running mate is tops on his list of things to do.  He seems to need help, that’s for sure.  He seems unable to handle a campaign on his own.

In four words, he’s no Andrew Cuomo.

Or maybe because Barack, half Kansan, half  Kenyan, wants his female counterpart–half Brahmin Tamil Indian, half Jamaican slaveholder, to be president someday like him?  Maybe he had a talk with Biden about that?  I helped you, Joe, and you helped me; now let’s help our girl, K….

Or maybe Barack wants to help China-toady Biden shore up his campaign chest, which appears to be close to broke–especially in comparison to Trump’s.  And Harris is an uber money-getter and a strong corporate democrat.  The strongest.  (Of course, I can’t think of any successful Democrat who isn’t a corporate democrat–except Bernie, who isn’t successful or a Democrat.)

But a Barack Obama she’s not.  She has no power to electrify or to motivate.  Or to think anything through. She’s undeserving to carry on the Obama legacy.

Even though there may be reasons to “reward” her.  Nefarious ones, to be sure.

Harris, who just started a fundraising operation with the DNC (What?  Why? Unless….) has made deep inroads into Hollywood and other rich points in the west, and in New England, and on Wall Street, too.  And she’s woven deep monied connections through the years.  It’s the California way.

And she has long tentacles into the money the corporate money-givers shower on the right kind of politicians.  The ones who won’t try to stop the gravy train like Bernie Sanders would.  They know she won’t.  And they’re right.

And oddly, even though we know she was showered with a lot of special interest money in the run-up to the primary–unlike money from the little people like Bernie was–we also know that she had to quit her campaign before the votes started being cast and counted because she had gone through a total fortune of cash, wasting everything she raised.  And getting absolutely nothing for it in the polling numbers game.

Hmmmm…. Maybe The Richie Riches don’t want their money wasted and they’re behind matching up the potential Biden-Harris duo?  Something like, We paid Kamala, Joe.  Now you pay us back.  Make her VP.

Maybe so.

Even though her campaign was ill-fated and very ill-run.  One top level staffer, her state operations manager, said she never saw a campaign treat its staff so badly and she quit.  And that was the end of Harris’ campaign. Until now.

But Biden’s coming for her, nonetheless!  And the hot mess is all in the past.

Suddenly, surprisingly and suspiciously, Harris is out there, co-sponosring Covid-19 related bills and co-chairing Covid-19 related investigations, becoming a real johnny-on-the-spot.  And in return?  A little Senate recognition to keep her name alive, perhaps?  Like she’s been doing for the last three years?  Buffering her image so she could hop, skip and jump into the White House.  Or, alternately, into Number One Observatory Circle, where the veep lives.  Until Biden retires….????

All of this, without strengthening her character, her message or her knowledge.  And with shades of doing things no one ever should:  like speaking out against big law firms at a campaign event, while at literally the same moment her husband was out picking up cash for her campaign from big law firms.

But the most heartbreaking part of all this is that right after Biden (from his basement) told Bernie what a great guy he was for helping reform the democratic party into its true self and that he was going to institute Bernie’s good ideas and all would be good forever, blah blah blah…and goodbye Bernie.  Nice knowing ya in the House and in the Senate and when I was Vice.  Oh, and don’t forget to get the bros to vote for me on your way out, OK?  OK?


And then?  Biden turned around and said he was coming for Kamala Harris.  About the most different sort of politician on earth from Bernie Sanders.  She can’t keep a political principle in her heart or head for any longer than Corn Pop could keep his cool.  Except to live this principle: Wall Street good.  And Bernie Sanders not so good.

So what’s Bernie going to do when Kamala Harris seals the deal with the just now Bernie-endorsed Biden?  (I’m here to help you, Joe!  I’d love to be your VP.  Even though I called you a racist…Tee-Hee.)

Bernie just may, as they say, “grow a pair” like Biden–who keeps challenging anyone who challenges him on the issues to just step outside. (His security people move him along before anything serious happens.)

And Bernie just may say something like this:  Go get him, bros, teach him a lesson.  Do it for Corn Pop!  And by the way, don’t vote….

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