Impeachment Day: bring out the fainting couches, the hankies and the smelling salts for the oh, soooo sanctimonious

Impeachment Day:  bring out the fainting couches, the hankies and the smelling salts for the oh, soooo sanctimonious
Tuesday, December 17, 2019, RealClearPolitics

Bring out the fainting couches, the hankies for the brow and the smelling salts, dear Cha-lotte.  Oh, those sensitive little House Democrat flowers with their fluttering eyelashes, their mouths agog (especially Nancy’s). Their sensibilities so disturbed by Trump asking Ukraine to see if the Bidens, father and son, were corrupt.

Someone said on one of the talk shows, if this were the standard for impeachment, FDR would have been impeached 25 times.  At least.  And at least a handful, if not more, for all the others.

They don’t smell like flowers at all, these holier-than-thou dems.  Quite the opposite.  Because they’re full of you-know-what.

Oh, I wish I had a penny every time one of those syrupy liars, those political thespians said in recent days that it was because of their in-teg-ri-ty, their oaths, their loy-al-ty to the Constitution.  That’s what’s making them do it. Whoosh.  Bring the smelling salts.  Quick!  This time, I’m going to faint.

The conceit!  Their idiotic reasoning, their faces scrunching over to the side, eyes popping out of their sockets.  Even people in the country who’d like nothing better than to throw Trump off the American continent and into a prison in Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia or North Korea know the House dems’ modesty levels are less than zero.  They know a saccharine syrupy sauce when they see it.  And it doesn’t cover up the rotten smell beneath it.

No wonder the polls are going the other way.  And the direction for bipartisanship is, too; word is, a few dems are ready to switch parties.  Less people want this impeachment than don’t want this impeachment.

The dems want people to believe their aerie morals–so much higher than the goofs who voted for Mr. Perfect Phone Call to begin with–are what’s making them do it. Except when you look at their faces, and their besotted records–and the districts they represent that are overrun with people living in the streets, diseases being spread among the homeless, as well as human excrement–it’s quite obvious it’s something else.  You’d think they’d be ashamed and want all the help they could get to fix it all.  Instead they impeach.

It’s contempt.  Of a reality TV star, who outsmarted everyone and moved into the White House.  And got all the attention.  By beating a candidate they didn’t have the sense or the guts to beat themselves.  Especially after Barack Obama beat her eight years before.

Now he’s beating them with low unemployment, high yield on their investments and black support–of him–that’s surging.  And the Dems? They’re ignoring infrastructure improvement, immigration reform (Mexico is doing it for us) and all the other problems we have.  The dems have their forked tongues, their pitched forks and their butterfly nets out to do damage, but not a tool in the toolbox to fix a thing that’s truly important.

Does anyone really believe we’re losing our democracy?  What a cliche! We had plenty until this asinine impeachment started.  “No one’s above the law,” they say.  “Everyone has to be held accountable.”  Blah, blah, blah. Except them.

If we’re losing our democracy, it’s because of the impeachment-crazy among us.  They just don’t want him.  And I understand that.  When the polls showed in the Fall of 2016 that there was a good chance he’d win–and polish off Hillary Clinton once and for all, even I said, fine, let him win, get rid of her and then they can impeach and remove him asap for talking like an idiot.  But that was then, all I had to go on was the non-impeachment of Nixon and the impeachment of Clinton.  I didn’t understand impeachment, high crimes and misdemeanors or what the framers intended.

Now I do.  And this wasn’t it.

But they’re stuck.  Even after the impeachment, they’re still going to be stuck.  For at least 10 more months. And maybe another four years after. And this impeachment will be one of the reasons why.

Deep inside, I think they love him.  Why wouldn’t they?  People who don’t like him fill their coffers with money.  Nancy herself asks me via email for chump change several times a day to “beat him.” And impeach him.  It adds up.  Even if you just ask for a dollar.  If you ask 50,000,000 people in an email.

Everyone knows they’ve been cooking up impeachment since the day he came down the escalator.  They were ready even before they found out about the fateful phone call, on which many were listening in and which amounted to nothing.

As Maureen Dowd described in her New York Times column just before he moved into the White House, the regulars in Washington (yes, the Deep State) were waiting for him to arrive, shaking in their boots, as though they were in a horror movie and they were waiting, scared to death, for the monster to arrive and….  And…. And….  Screaming….And…. Blackout!

And maybe the timing of the impeachment, maybe it all had another motive. They knew the FBI lying game in the FISA Court (the scheme they had so they could tap his wires) was being uncovered little by little and was due, in all its glory at some point soon.  And those lies were formally uncovered about the same time that the impeachment blossomed, just as the guy with the real morals, the white knight IG named Horowitz arrived on the scene–for all the world to see.

Yikes.  Was the impeachment a pre-emptive strike?  Or maybe it was a sneaky way to shine light on the Biden family corruption by making it look like it was simply a Trump impeachment–so Biden would have to leave and they could get a frontrunner that was a better money-raiser, a better orator and a better color?

Every time I see a dem get up and say “we have to do this” with a cracking voice, and a heart so heavy it’s weighing their loftiness down, way below their tear-filled eyeballs and their mother love for the constitution and our democracy, I get the urge to hurl.  And so do the voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, it seems, if you believe the polls.

What High Crime?  What bribery?  What treason?  Why can’t they just wait 10 months for the election?  I think that’s what they’re saying in those states, as well as the other 47.  An election will be here in a blink.  That’s the way to get rid of a president.  We don’t need any help from a bunch of phony baloneys.

The way things were going, he was going to lose.  Now, his numbers are up.  You should have backed off, and put your hearts into doing something for the country, democrats.  Or are you really scared of this monster among us with an id on overdrive who says things that no one in his right mind would ever say?

Only think.

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