Here comes Kamala Harris' Hail Mary pass over Iowa, and it's not full of grace

Here comes Kamala Harris' Hail Mary pass over Iowa, and it's not full of grace

Presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris has thrown a Hail Mary pass over the State of Iowa.

God forbid she scores….

Hail Mary, full of grace, don’t let her.

Harris is putting all her resources into Iowa.  For real this time.  She’s been saying she’s been doing that for months, banking on a high score there in February.  But her numbers in Iowa keep going down as she flits around.

But this time she really means it.  She’s moving to Iowa.  (Sort of.)

It’s obvious she has confidence her strategy will work.  The DNC is on her side.  Because she is a big money raiser from the Richie Rich Hollywood elite state of California.  Big spenders who all want it their way. The DNC likes it when their presidential candidate has a lot of money spewing from the top of the ticket.  (Especially from Hollywood.)  Easier for the congresspeople of the party to have an edge at the polls and keep their jobs.  And power.

No matter how many times she says “Medicare For All” (in as many contexts as she can bloviate and triangulate with) the corporate world knows she really doesn’t mean it.  Because so far, it looks like she really doesn’t mean it.

She doesn’t mean anything.  She talks.  And if it turns out she says the wrong thing, she says it was all a big misunderstanding because she didn’t hear–or understand the question.

One minute she’s backing a federal bill that makes kids stay in school until 6 PM every day.  The next minute she’s advocating passing out millions of federal dollars for down payments to lotsa house hunters.  (Yeah, that worked so well the last time we tried it.)

Does she really believe in federal legislation of this sort?  Or is she cynically trying to attract attention so people at least become familiar with her name?

And if you want to see something really obnoxious, look at this video of her when she was a California prosecutor, giggling and mean and arrogant while announcing she was going to spend political capital locking up parents for their kids’ truancy.  Like those parents don’t have enough trouble in their lives?????

Politico says her aides describe a form of stage fright she embodies–anxiety and fear–where she can’t answer anything with conviction.  Or confidence.  Translation:  she has no core beliefs and she’s insincere and inauthentic.  And she needs to be scripted.

Just what we need.

But the mouthpieces in the media, who can’t seem to come up with their own stories anymore, or their own thoughts–and who think they’re stenographers instead of investigators–keep talking the talking points from those who like the status quo.  Those who want her.   A corporatist.  With no core beliefs.

So many stories are out there talking about her great comeback.  What great comeback?  Or asking what’s happened to her great promise.  What great promise?

You’d think Jesus was making his long-awaited Second Coming.

Hail Mary.

Before that, so many stories were out there singing Harris’ hollow praises, it was obvious the pundits were doing some source–or political buddy–a favor.

I could link to a few here, but they are so painful to lay eyes on, you’ll just have to to take my word for it. I don’t want to hunt them down and see them again.  I can assure you that the evidence is there.

Her sister Maya, a top staffer in the Harris campaign, was an analyst for MSNBC (and married to Tony West, who worked under  Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder) and I can only imagine the stack of chits or maybe even genuine friendship in the rarefied world of media and politics that works in Kamala Harris’ favor.

Her numbers rose for about 10 minutes after she insulted Biden in their first debate performance.  But then everyone saw what a phony she really was when they found out the whole point about his not being a racist but really being a racist because he was against busing back in the day was pre-planned and practiced.  It even had meme merch to go with it immediately after it happened.

And her numbers started plummeting like a parachute.  And they haven’t stopped.  No matter how many times she crosses Iowa in a garish bus or puts dishonest commercials on implying that she is going to solve the financial problems of people like her late mother who used to worry about those things in the middle of the night.  What kind of financial problems her mother had–she was a renowned medical scientist and leader at McGill University in Canada during the time she was raising her girls there–is anyone’s guess.

It’s sexism.  If a single father with a career like her mother had was raising two girls by himself, would anyone put on a commercial implying that he was up at night worrying about money?  The answer is NO.

The suspicion has been from the start and from those in the know that she is the chosen one, the anointed one, the new entitled one like Hillary Clinton, whose turn it was because she said so.  Some say Obama wants her because she’s like him.  Some say she thought she was the new Obama and that winning would come easy.  No sweat.

I wish everyone (including Obama), before getting carried away, would envision a Harris presidency.

Her inability to hear correctly and to respond honestly and straightforwardly is front and center.  Maya Rudolph captured her perfectly when she played her on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.  Vapidly, conceitedly and very shallowly.

Her spokespeople are the snarliest, snarkiest, most thin-skinned mouthpieces I have ever seen in politics.  They’re defensive, snotty and stupid.  When she’s been called on her controversial record as a prosecutor, her playing both sides against the middle and her inconsistency, the answers coming out of her campaign and her own mouth have been arrogant, snarky and dumb.

Like saying of debate-mate US Rep. from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, who called her out on her prosecutorial misdeeds, that she was second tier and she, Kamala was first tier was quite a non-answer to the charges.

Most pleasingly, Gabbard is actually ahead of her in some recent polls.  In New Hampshire, Gabbard was beating Harris by two points a few days ago.

Her whole campaign is dumb.  She’d beat Trump in a snarky and dumb contest.   West Coast versus East Coast.  Her questioning of his appointees such as Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and Attorney General William Barr exuded complete play-acting.  She was mean and crabby towards them and nothing more and it packed a hollow punch.  The point of her questions was totally obliterated by her performance.

If she’d been courteous while asking sincere and meaningful questions, she would have made headway for her own reputation and perhaps in taking these guys down a notch in a dignified way.  Instead, I saw both of them rise in my estimation as she made a fool of herself.

She has not a shred of a qualification to be president.  What possible qualification does a career prosecutor from California bring to the world stage?  To the intricacies of the American economy?  To the vast complexity of our social problems and our urban explosiveness from sea to shining sea?  Or to our intricate relationships with other leaders in this world?

Absolutely nothing.  She’s a grown up valley girl on the brink of senior citizenship.

They say Harris is affable.  I have seen no genuine niceness coming out of her.  Just phony laughter, and staid platitudes.  Some of her opponents have military careers to crow about,  some are shockingly articulate, some have decades of sincerity under their belts, some have impressive intellectual backgrounds or business acumen.

Not her.

Some are just regular Joes (pun intended) who everyone kind of likes or identifies with even if he blows your hair around a tad with a little kiss or a hug.  And even if he has one bad son.

Harris, like Hillary, just wants to be president.  And if she doesn’t make it, her delegates will get to the convention and I suspect will bargain for her being vice, or attorney general or something under the eventual nominee.

And that’s that.  She’s been a success in finagling her way around decades of California politics with the help of married boyfriend/mentor Willie Brown. And I don’t believe she’s built up any real experience, any real political stamina or any useful wisdom to make her an inspiring or an effective politician, least of all President of the United States.

But she’s thrown the football, and she said her Hail Mary.

And I’m hoping for a big thud.

God help me.

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