Kamala Harris wants Twitter to delete Trump's account and other recent stories of goofballs devaluing our freedom to see and hear what we want

Kamala Harris wants Twitter to delete Trump's account and other recent stories of goofballs devaluing our freedom to see and hear what we want

I love saying what I want to in this blog.  And when people sneer, snip and snipe about it, I like to remind them that a lot of soldiers fought so I could say it.  (Thank you for your service.)

A good friend recently put a comment on Facebook.  And I said I disagreed with it.  And she said, “That’s it.  We won’t discuss politics anymore.”  And I said, “Why don’t we just move to North Korea?”

That solves that problem.

Everyone’s in a bubble with a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on it these days.

Anderson Cooper was on a show not long ago where he admitted he doesn’t read the president’s tweets.   Whaaaaaaaaaa??  He’s a reporter on CNN, covering the news of the day?  And he’s too delicate to read the Trump tweets?

If I were his boss, I’d fire him on the spot.  He might think the tweets are too harsh for his snowflake mentality and his untamed tummy, but I’d say to him, “You watched rats eating people’s bodies after the New Orleans hurricane!  And you can’t read a tweet from Donald Trump?  You’re fired!”

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ big campaign issue these days is asking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to remove Trump’s Twitter so he can’t tweet.  Of course, she’s a senseless publicity monger.  Nothing is done without her (or her people?) sizing up the headline (and swag) potential first.  Apparently, she wants to stifle all communication from the White House.

Even Anderson is only personally declining to read the tweets.  He’s not trying to keep other reporters, citizens and Twitter followers  from reading them.

But she wants to prevent everyone from reading the president’s tweets. Who is she?  God?

She got down on Elizabeth Warren at last night’s debate for not supporting her idea.  Warren makes sense.

It doesn’t matter what crap Trump tweets, it has to be read by journalists and reported; backed up or disputed.  That’s what journalists are supposed to do with whatever spews from a president. No matter what the message. That’s the job.

Harris is wrapped up in a disingenuous, phony and empty campaign of making catchy headlines for her own personal publicity purposes.  She didn’t learn much in law school if she thinks emanations from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no matter how stupid or inaccurate, shouldn’t be available to all.

No one should be shut down, president or not, asinine or not–unless they’re literally crying “fire” in a crowded theater.

I’ve seen evidence lately that points out how dumb some Americans can be.  Since the Founders got this big experiment going almost 250 years ago, when they codified the importance of freedom to write, read, say and hear whatever we want without government interference, there have been people who want to put the kibosh on….

Like one of my neighbors who asked another neighbor not to circulate a neighborhood e-newsletter anymore because she didn’t like the political rhetoric.  There are several bloggers whose work the editors include, but their posts actually make up a small part of this huge mishmash of neighborhood news that encompasses everything from information about new restaurants in the area and interesting book reviews to details about CAPS meetings and garage space for rent.

She didn’t ask him to stop sending it to her.  She asked him not to send it to anyone.  He declined her request, pointing out that the publication is a neighborhood newsletter with lots of news for all to use.

Another guy wrote to the editor of the same e-newsletter, attacking the political ideas and the writing of a particular writer:  me.  He, too, implied that because he didn’t like my writing or my  point of view, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

Same with the friends of a friend who posts posts her Facebook friends don’t like.  Don’t post them, they say.

Why not?  This is America.

But she doesn’t because she can’t stand the grief.  From them.  Although others may think the posts perfectly acceptable.

My answer to all this is this:  If something lands under your nose that you don’t want to read because you don’t like what it says and you don’t agree with it, if it’s online, delete it; if it’s in the mailbox, throw it out; if it comes over the phone, check your caller ID and don’t answer–or hang up if you do; and if it’s in a magazine or a newspaper or a book that lands in your lap, don’t read it.

But don’t attempt to keep anyone else from seeing what you don’t want to see or from hearing what you don’t want to hear.  Too many soldiers have died for too many years for the right of everyone to see what they want.

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