Let her who hath sin (yes, you, Kamala Harris) stop casting stones at Brett Kavanaugh, or anyone else for that matter

Let her who hath sin (yes, you, Kamala Harris) stop casting stones at Brett Kavanaugh, or anyone else for that matter

Even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has had enough.  He bashed Kamala Harris, who–as her poll numbers began going into the low single digits–suddenly restarted the call for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment.   This time, even the victim herself didn’t remember the incident in question and Joe Scarborough let Harris have it.

Not only that, in Harris’ renewed dumb calls to impeach him, she got her facts sloppy and wrong.

But from a prosecutor with a record like Harris’ what else can you expect? You can read about her crappy prosecutorial record  here.

It all adds up.

Kavanaugh is not a monster.  Far from it.  He was hired to teach at Harvard while he was a federal court of appeals judge, by none other than his liberal colleague Justice Elena Kagan, who was dean at the time and who thought he was good enough to put on the teaching staff.

And he was recently praised by another liberal colleague, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for being the only justice ever who hired an all-female staff–which is a ticket for an unprecedented number of Supreme Court women working for the court to break barriers within the legal profession as their careers move on.

And by the way, I haven’t seen any untoward allegations against him for doing anything inappropriate for the last 35 years or so.  Have you?  Aside from being conservative.

But even then, a Yale liberal made the case for Kavanaugh being a justice. And he makes a damn good case, too.

Harris, on the other hand, is running for president without a single qualification.  (If you can find one thing in her background that qualifies her to be president, please put a comment on below specifying what that qualification is.)

And let’s just say she has plenty of icky baggage herself.  Plenty.  And it’s not from high school or college.

As recently as a few nights ago, there she was with Jimmy Fallon “slow jamming” and telling lies during her part of the slow jam about what she aims to do as president.  Does anyone really know?  Because she keeps going back and forth and to and fro on everything, including things she said during the slow jam that I’ve already heard her take back.

Never mind that, though.  It was a late night segment that was so filled with filthy innuendo and inappropriate sexual references that you’d think it was written by a teenaged Brett Kavanaugh for his high school yearbook, or at least a dirty skit for his fellow frat Yalies on a night they were going to let loose with the beer.  And let their pants down.

Warning:  don’t watch this video with anyone else because you won’t be able to look that person in the eye. Watch alone.

Let me say it this way:  I have never seen a presidential candidate act so unpresidential on late night TV in my entire life.  It was thoroughly disgusting and whatever handler thought this was a good idea has to be nuts.  And she has to be nuts for going along with it.  Seriously nuts.

But there’s more:  there is Kamala’s well-known big romance with oft-investigated Willie Brown, San Francisco mayor who was 30 years her senior, very married and swore he’d never divorce–and who gave her her start in politics by introducing her to the right people, putting her on two do-nothing commissions that paid her $400,000 and giving her a nice BMW to get around in.

And one more thing:  is there anyone out there who hasn’t done something during high school or college that was less than kosher?   That’s what adolescence is for.  Making asinine mistakes, learning and moving on to a decent and productive life.  Which Kavanugh has done.

Not so for Harris.

Postscript:  A Facebook friend made an interesting comment when this post went up on Facebook.  She  said the argument about Kavanaugh shouldn’t be the [presidential] candidates’ issue.   And that is very true.  Something I hadn’t thought of myself.  I commented back that I totally agreed…. impeaching a Supreme Court justice is not something a president would be doing.  They shouldn’t even be thinking about it or talking about it.  They should be talking about the great candidates they have in mind if they should be lucky enough to be president when a spot opens up!  I thought her point was a great one that I hadn’t even considered.  Not one of those candidates should be thinking or talking about impeaching a justice.

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