Does Kamala Harris need a hearing aid? Or a lie detector?

Does Kamala Harris need a hearing aid?  Or a lie detector?
Harris in New Hampshire where she laughed, while saying "well said" to a guy who said Trump's behavior was "mentally retarded."

Senator Kamala Harris from California wants to be president.  The democrat elites say she’s the right age (she’ll be 55 next month) and the right color (half Indian, half Jamaican), the same democrat elites who wanted Hillary Clinton for president, the great qualification for both of them being not rocking the elite boat.

It turns out Kamala has two big drawbacks, though, which stand out more and more as the pre-primary-period goes on.  And these are:  She can’t hear.  And she can’t tell the truth.  Or any combination thereof.

Neither quality is good when negotiating with enemies.  (Ok, at least Trump isn’t hard of hearing.)

These two shortcomings–along with the fact she doesn’t have a shred of experience that qualifies her to be president (I know, nor did Trump)–have now gotten her into solid second-tier single-digit territory in the polls.

She’s been a career prosecutor–with quite a blemished record; and when she became a senator in 2017, all she really did to distinguish herself during  her committee hearings is give those questioned the evil eye, an excessively rude tongue and cut them off when they responded in a way she didn’t like.

All while she was very aware that the cameras were rolling and she’d get a lot of publicity for talking like a miserable toughie.

A very worrisome pattern has emerged.  When she gives what turns out to be the “wrong” answer and some of the the press starts beating her up, she says she didn’t hear the question, that she didn’t understand what the person was really asking or saying.

Like the time she was asked on a radio program who she listened to when she smoked pot and the timeline indicated by her answer made it clear she smoked pot while she was prosecuting the very young black guys that provided people with pot.  Her excuse was that she didn’t hear the question correctly.

Next, when she raised her hand on the debate stage in favor, as president, of taking people’s private health insurance away, she said the same thing when the reaction to her raising her hand wasn’t particularly positive:  that she didn’t hear the question correctly.

And then a few days ago, she laughed and said “well said,” to a guy in New Hampshire who called Trump’s behavior “mentally retarded.”  But when that hit the airwaves and everyone balked at her having such a politically incorrect reaction, her excuse was she didn’t hear what he said.

But it was more than obvious if you look at the video that she heard exactly what he said.

All three times here when the political winds blew in the wrong direction after she said or did something she shouldn’t have and she wanted to take it back, she took it back like a dastardly coward would.  Saying that she misunderstood.  Not owning up.

What’s gonna happen if she, God forbid, becomes president?  And starts misunderstanding what’s being said from North Korea, Iran and Syria?

But there’s proof that she’s a bold-faced liar and maybe not so hard of hearing. Recently, she’s talked about how she sued Exxon as attorney general of California.  Well, she fudged.  Big time!  Read all about that right here.   Pants on fire!

I don’t think a hearing aid will solve her problem.  But getting her to wear a lie detector might solve our problem:  the problem of her being on the ballot for president.

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