56 things Hillary Clinton says caused her to lose the election and my answer to each and every one

56 things Hillary Clinton says caused her to lose the election and my answer to each and every one

Hillary Clinton told Steven Colbert last week that she wrote What Happened so it would never happen again.

What exactly is it that’s never supposed to happen again?

In the meantime, FOX News Channel legal analyst Gregg Jarrett came up with 56 reasons that Clinton says caused her loss.  Are these the things that aren’t supposed to happen again, when she runs against him again?

Here are the 56 reasons he came up with and my reaction to each one:

  1. Sexism.  Oh?  OK, if we’re so sexist, how come there are 100 women in Congress, including 19 from swing states Hillary lost and 23 from red states she also lost?
  2. Racism.  Hillary looks like a piece of white bread smeared with unsalted butter.  Why would racists be against her?  Or does she think blacks who voted for Barack in urban areas like Milwaukee and who didn’t come out to vote for her are racists?
  3. Misogyny.  See sexism above.
  4. Xenophobia.  See racism above.  Replace blacks with immigrants and racists with xenophobes.
  5. Suburban Women.  They may have remembered the things Hillary and her campaign hinted at about Barack in 2008, like that he was really a Muslim.  And they didnt like it.  Or they may have realized that her whole campaign against Trump boiled down to not letting a misogynist into the White House–while she was trying to drag a misogynist into the White House.
  6. James Comey.  He totally exonerated her. Twice.  What more could she ask for?
  7. The FBI.  What’d they do?  They didnt even “investigate” her email server situation.  They merely looked into “a matter,” as Attorney General Loretta Lynch told them to characterize it.
  8. The Russians.  Comey said they hated her sooooo much they wanted her to lose.  Well, she won the popular vote (which she never hesitates to point out), so whatever they did, they didn’t do a very good job.
  9. Vladimir Putin.  The biggest Russian of all.  See above.
  10. Wikileaks.  These are the main subjects that the Wikileaks brought to light:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as head of the DNC putting a very heavy thumb on the scale against Bernie; Hillary’s staff not being able to come up with any reason as to why she was running for president; and very suspicious goings on between the Clinton Foundation and the rest of the world.  But as you can see, Hillary, the actual candidate, didn’t do anything in the Wikileaks.  It was everyone else.
  11. The DNC.  Hillary said it had no money at the start of the general election with which to help her.  She had to give them money with which to operate.  Apparently, they spent all they had putting a thumb on the scale against Bernie.  Still, he won 22 states and Democrats Abroad.  Not bad for a 74-year-old Jewish independent who made the DNC spend every penny it had to beat him.
  12. Barack Obama.  Apparently, he didn’t stop the Russians (see above) in time to save Clinton.  Instead, he put diplomacy and the good of the country first.  Unless he really was against her, too?????
  13. Joe Biden.  He got out of Clinton’s way even though he contemplated running and then he campaigned vigorously for her.  Why him?  How’d he cause her loss?
  14. Bernie.  Bernie pooh-poohed her email “matter.”  Bernie talked issues. Issues upon which he differed with Clinton.  But that’s campaigning. Hillary wanted a coronation.  But she lost 22 states to Bernie.  In the end, NO ONE came out stronger for, and more complimentary of Clinton than Bernie during the general election campaign.  He also very effectively tamped down his followers’ disappointment at the Democrat convention.  He was a mensch.
  15. Anthony Weiner.  The husband of her top aide and confidante, Huma Abedin, who photo-sexted while his four-year-old son lay beside him….could he be responsible for Hillary’s loss?  He was just sentenced to 21 months in prison for his behavior.  And Huma has filed for divorce.  How he could be responsible for Hillary’s loss I do not know.  Do you?
  16. Electoral College.  We live in a country of sovereign states.  We are a federal republic and we have an electoral college that elects our president.  The candidates, for better or worse must campaign in a way that gets them the majority of the votes in enough states to win 270 electoral votes.  They must run their campaigns with this in mind 24 hours a day every day of a campaign.  Hillary won only 232 electoral votes.  Consider this:  Hillary won California by at least 4.4 million votes, according to the New York Times.  But won the election overall by only 2.8 million votes.  Which means in the end, aside from California, she lost the election everywhere else by 1.6 million.  It seems she visited California too much looking for money and she ran up her vote there unnecessarily.  She should have visited Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin more.
  17. Polling Data.  The book Shattered–which detailed the process by which Clinton lost the election, explains that Hillary’s top campaign staff didn’t believe in polling data.  They didn’t believe in letting polls drive her campaign infrastructure into one geographical area or another to improve the polls there.  They DID believe in analytics, tactics that identify the candidate’s likely voters and then driving particular messages in their direction.   In other words, they didn’t believe in changing any minds in favor of their candidate.  Just motivating them to get out and vote for one reason or another.
  18. Cable News.  They may have helped Trump by over-covering him during the Republican primary. Because he was such a freak.  An oddity.  But by the time he was officially running against Clinton, the playing field leveled off.  And Trump was the best thing that could have happened to Hillary, he was the ideal opposition.  A reality TV star.
  19. The New York Times.  What?  They loved Hillary so much they colluded with her campaign by asking it to vet stories that were ready to roll.
  20. Fake News–Those who fall for fake news and vote accordingly wouldn’t be voting for Hillary anyway, I suspect.
  21. Bots.  Both campaigns used internet bots to push both positive and negative stories about themselves and their opponent, respectively. Here’s a report from the New York Times that explains what bots do and how.  My view:  Hillary should have begotten better bots.  Hers were overwhelmed by his.
  22. Facebook.  You mean like Pantsuit Nation?
  23. Twitter.  Yeah, right.  Hillary’s voters were not being swayed by Trump tweets.  If anything, Trump Tweets helped her–more than her own bots did.
  24. Netflix.  I guess voters could have watched a negative movie about Hillary.  And I suppose they could have watched it on Netflix.  But I don’t think Netflix lost her the election.
  25. TV Executives.  I guess that would mean the former (and now late) head of Fox News Roger Ailes, who left Fox after a sexual harassment scandal and who joined Trump’s campaign.  I think his association with Trump fired up more women for her than ever.
  26. “Anti-American Forces.”  The Daily Wire quotes Hillary thusly:  “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost. Anti-American forces are going after our economy and they are going after our unity as a nation.”  In other words, that’s why she lost.
  27. Documentaries.  Anti-Hillary ones like this and this that you can watch on Netflix.  Nothing her haters didn’t already know.   Or that her admirers cared about.
  28. Low Information Voters.  Yes, but.  Low information voters presumably wouldn’t have access to information about Wikileaks, bad Hillary documentaries and Bill.
  29. People Wanting Change.  They sure have a lot of nerve.  What right do they have to want change? It’s my turn, dammit!, said Hillary in almost as many words.  Some said OK, some said, Uh-uh.
  30. People who assumed she’d win.  People, perhaps, like Hillary herself?  Watch this video and weep.  Or giggle.
  31. Republican Party.  This is pretty much a no-brainer.  Each party, at least officially, is supposed to be for its own candidate and against the other party’s candidate.
  32. Content farms in Macedonia.  Ok, so the Macedonian young people tried to make a buck and figured out they could do so with some pro-Trump stories.  Again, like Fake News, people who fell for these stories were not going to vote for her anyway.
  33. Infowars.  Lotsa conspiracy theories coming from here. Again, no one who listens to this stuff was going to vote for her anyway.
  34. Guccifer.  The only thing I can see that this convicted hacker from Romania may have done that reasonable people may have used in deciding who to vote for was this:  he hacked Colin Powell’s emails, in which he said very unflattering things about Clinton.  But guess what? He said even worse things in his emails about her opponent.  Back to square one.
  35. DC Leaks.  So this hacking of a Clinton advisor’s correspondence, the pundits said, showed Hillary to be an elitist.  So what else is new?
  36. Jill Stein.  Jill Stein’s percentage of the vote in some crucial states outdid Hillary’s losing percentage to her main opponent.  Nate Silver and his pals discuss here whether those voters would have voted for Hillary had Stein not been there.  You see, sometimes you have to look beyond plain old numbers.
  37. Steve Bannon.  This guy gets blamed for everything.  Humanize him, and he’s not so bad.  (You can do that here by reading why he may wear three shirts at a time.)
  38. Voter ID Laws.  Before you get too upset about the possibility of this causing Hillary’s loss, read about what may have caused Bernie’s loss.  You can begin by reading about it here and here and here.  (And btw, Bernie would have beaten Trump.)
  39. Chief Justice John Roberts. By suppressing her vote in Wisconsin, he is one of those responsible for her loss, she thinks.  Read about it here.  The other side of the argument is this:  Hillary NEVER went to the state of Wisconsin–not even once–during the whole campaign.  My (suppressed) vote goes with reason number two:  her unexcused absence in Wisconsin is what cost her Wisconsin.
  40. Kansas City Secretary of State.  OK, so the guy believes there is election fraud in his state and is trying to do something about it.  But Hillary wouldn’t have won Kansas in a million years.  So what’s the difference how much he believes there’s election fraud?
  41. Citizens United.  Oh, give me a break.  No one was able to raise money like Hillary Clinton.   In California and everywhere else. And didn’t CU help her, too?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And Yes.
  42. Colluding Trump Officials.  Ok, so?  She had a few officials colluding on her behalf, too.  It’s called a campaign.  People collude with each other to come up with a strategy that ensures a win.
  43. Benghazi.  There were four murders of Americans in Libya.  Was it terrorism?  Secretary of State Clinton told two different stories.  One to her daughter and another to the American people.   This story should have been required reading for all voters.
  44. Representative Kevin McCarthy. This is what California Republican Rep. McCarthy said:  “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s un-trustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen.”  This was a true statement and she did lie about Benghazi. But this particular statement, which the left thought illustrated yet another phony conspiracy against Clinton actually, in the end, worked in her favor.
  45. General Michael Flynn.  Yes, General Flynn did forward a fake news tweet about Hillary running a child sex ring (s).  Pretty idiotic. However, like other idiotic fake news, the people who may have fallen for this story weren’t going to vote for Clinton anyway.  Or even vote.
  46. Julian Assange.  He published the hacked emails from the DNC and from Hillary’s campaign on WikiLeaks from his haven in London at the Ecuadorean embassy.  Assange has never been proved wrong about anything he’s published.  In fact, the information he turns up is used by journalists and scholars and is solid history in the making.  The emails were real.  That is indisputable.  And told voters many things.  In the end, Hillary’s campaign made more of them than anyone else.  The news media largely ignored them.  And I know of no one personally who read even a smidgeon.  Except me. And I wasn’t going to vote for her anyway.
  47. Roger Stone.  A big Trump guy and a big Republican political strategist, he seemed to know about the WikiLeaks before they were officially released.  I don’t see how he caused her to lose any more than California politicos caused Trump to lose the popular vote.
  48. Reddit.  All I can figure out about aggregator Reddit being the cause of her loss is that they made a lot predictions that she would lose.  Which you can look at here.
  49. Drudge Report.  Another vociferous predictor of her loss.  But no one following Drudge was going to vote for her anyway.
  50. Alex Jones.  He is Mr. Infowars radio.  See #32.  I’ll say it again.  NO ONE who listened to Jones was going to vote for her anyway–and it didn’t make any difference what he said.
  51. RT (Russia Today).  If you can figure this one  out–straight from the Putin propaganda pile, let me know.  Something about Hillary being an “illuminati,” whatever that is.  But I guarantee that unless the so-called Russian conspiracy to hack our election involved letting Russians vote, not one single American voter was affected by this one.
  52. Sputnik Network.  Aside from the fact that this station didn’t start broadcasting here until 2017…..  My take:  exactly the same as #51.
  53. Robert Mercer.  Another Mr. Moneybags big time politico who was first for Ted Cruz, I don’t think he caused her loss.  Why?  Hillary had plenty of Mr. Moneybags big time politicos of her own to combat this one.
  54. Koch Brothers.  The Koch brothers did not support Trump.  Period. YOU do the (money) math.  Had they showered him with money Hillary might have a point.   But the point is, they didn’t.
  55. NBC’s Matt Lauer.  Hillary stood her ground when confronted (again) by Matt Lauer for calling him out as one of the 56 reasons she lost.  Why?  Because he asked her about her email server “matter.”
  56. Fox News Channel.  Oh, please.  Fox News viewers were no more likely to vote for Hillary than MSNBC viewers were likely to vote for Trump.  Even if those respective viewers switched it up and watched each other’s propaganda programs for the whole campaign.  Nope. Not in a million years.

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