You know what I love about Donald Trump? He's hilarious!

You know what I love about Donald Trump?  He's hilarious!
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While all my friends are hand-wringing, stomach-holding and heart-breaking because Donald Trump is going to be President in a few weeks, I’m having fits of laughter.

While all my friends are scared to death of The Donald, all I do is giggle.

Donald Trump is the funniest guy to come down the pike since Stewart, Colbert and Fallon.  Not so sure he means to be so funny.  But funny he is.

If laughter is the best medicine, we should be in for a healthy four years.

Like Donald deciding recently–with a very straight face–that it would be OK, while president, to remain as executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice.  

The idea that our president-elect wants to have a little part-time gig as the man overseeing a crazy TV reality show is pure Saturday Night Live!

Trump not reading his CIA briefings because it’s the same thing every day and he has better things to do is also a reason to snicker.  I mean, he’s right.  You read ’em once, you’ve read ’em.  When they change, he said, let him know.

And in the meantime, if everyone’s so scared that he’ll set off a war with Il Jong Ding-Dong or one of the other international looneys we have to contend with, maybe it’s best that the many generals, security advisors, etc. he is ensconcing in the government deal with that sort of thing while Donald wonders about how to improve Celebrity Apprentice.

Ivanka becoming the de facto First Lady strikes me funny, too.  While Melania stays home in New York, spending all her time with Barron (aside from the time in between dropping him off and picking him up at school), Ivanka apparently plans to use the First Lady’s office as the quiet voice of The Left.

I also love that Donald has knocked those white-wine-sipping-big-money-raising-left-wing-phonies off their keisters on the coasts.  And I love that he’s destabilized the Scotch-sipping-Wall-Street-money-grubbing-oil-pumping-brahmin off theirs, too.  I can just see the whole bunch having apoplexy because this utterly obnoxious-white-eyed-bushy-tailed-orange-coated-superlative-using-money-loving-tireless-bandito is having fun knocking them all for a loop.

From the absurdity, perhaps will rise some goodness.

Donald is going to do things his way.  I love the parading of the potential cabinet picks through the garish Trump Tower abode.  That’s transparency, man!

His economic plan is not simple trickle down economics.  It’s much more complicated and hands-on.  And maybe he can pull off a real economic recovery of some kind.  In the meantime, he’s capable of providing enough stand-up, pratfalls and one-liners to get us through the rough spots.

I love his tweeting.  I love his disdain for the establishment.  I love imagining what the tweetee is thinking when the tweet is read on the other end.  Insomniac to insomniac.  In the middle of the night.  Insultor to insultee.

I love his brutal honesty:  Like when he explained on the campaign trail that when he needed things from politicians, he gave them money and he got what he wanted.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

I love each and every Wikileak.  Because each and every one is a laugh riot.

And if the Russians did it so that Assange could pass them to us, they are the best friends we ever had.  And Donald, if they did if for you, I thank you, too.

Because we got something we rarely get from any politician or any mainstream news source:  the real truth.

Never have I laughed so hard as when Megyn Kelly confronted that pompous liar Donna Brazile about getting the debate questions beforehand and slipping them to Hillary Clinton!

Or when reporters in the street confronted Hillary spokesman Jennifer Palmieri about the leaks. The spokesman became utterly speechless.  As much as she tried, the word spinner couldn’t get any words out.  For the first time, she couldn’t think of any spin.  Her own honesty confronted her in the face and no lie was available to serve up.

I loved when the stick in the mud prize winning reporters were found, in the Wikileaks, to be groveling at the feet of the Clinton campaign, asking them to read and edit their pieces. But to please keep it secret. Actually, as an award-winning journalist myself, that one I didn’t guffaw over too much. That one, actually, was worth a good cry.

I also loved it when all the advisors–from Podesta to Tanden to Abedin–couldn’t say enough bad things about their dear Hillary in their email correspondence.  They wondered what her message was, what her methods were and about all the “messes” she was making.  And the thought of them all–including Hillary–realizing that the public was able to see their ministrations had me in hysterics.

The Wiki-leaks should be required reading for all Americans. They show the phoniness, the lies, the rottenness for what it is and who they are. Rotten. Phony. Liars.  And quite amusing, to boot.

And then there was this cartoon recently.  So absolutely witty I am still constantly ROTFLOL-ing thinking about it.  Incisive.  15326068_928977053903264_8313447243057117918_o

As the three most recent administrations recede into the past–the Clinton Contamination, the Bush Idiocy and (what turned out to be) the Obama Arrogance–I am ready to welcome the Comedy of Trump.

Trump’s soon to be presidency is giving us a great gift:  the gift of laughter.

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