I thought I'd be able to tell if my vote for president was counted this year, but I really couldn't

I thought I'd be able to tell if my vote for president was counted this year, but I really couldn't

I thought if I voted for the least desirable presidential candidate in the race this year (at least in terms of the pre-election polls), that I’d be able to tell if my vote was counted. Out of the (as it turned out) 723 votes cast in my precinct, I thought I might be the only one who voted for her–and for the first time in my life I’d be able to see my lonely vote stick out in the election results.

Well, no such luck.  My chosen candidate, Jill Stein (who aligned with my guy Bernie’s ideas and principles way better than the other three) got 11 votes in my precinct–a mere 1.52 percent.  Not just one vote.

How can I ever be sure that I was even one of the 11?  But even if I had been the one and only, how would I know if my vote cast in the 3rd Ward, 26th Precinct was really mine?

When I brought my ballot back to the judges after voting on November 8–in exchange for my wristband proving that I voted–the scanner wasn’t working.  “We went through two of them already today,” said an election judge.  So I had to throw my ballot into an old-fashioned ballot box, which would presumably be retrieved when a third (working) scanner came to the polling place at the South Loop Elementary School.

A few days after the election, I checked to see how many votes Stein got in my precinct. And I checked again just now–and it was still 11.  Just as Stein conducts a recount in the State of Wisconsin.  Even though there isn’t a shred of evidence that any hacking or fraud or irregularities occurred in the State of Wisconsin.

Other than the “irregularity” of a traditionally midwestern blue state suddenly turning red in 2016.

(But liberal Democrat and local favorite return Senate candidate Russ Feingold lost in Wisconsin, too–and heavy duty Republicans Speaker of the US House Paul Ryan and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker run the state.  Milwaukee and Madison couldn’t do much this time to counteract that.)

And as for me, I lost my chance to see (presumably) my lone vote stick out in my City of Chicago precinct. Although it does comfort me to assume I’m one of the 11.

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