The lights are back on Roosevelt Road and maybe that's a bright sign for the New Year

The lights are back on Roosevelt Road and maybe that's a bright sign for the New Year

It’s been a while since all the lights shown bright on Roosevelt Road bridge near my house.  A long time since all 50 of the globe-type lights pictured here have been on simultaneously on both sides of Roosevelt between State and Clark.  In fact, they haven’t all been on at the same time since Mayor Rahm–I’m-taking-my-wife-and-kids-to-Cuba-whether-you-like-it-or-not-you filthy-animal–Emanuel whisked himself onto the Fifth Floor.

I made a lot of calls during his first term for lightbulb changes.  And I got absolutely Nothing.  No Action.

The last call I made was quite recently–and it was to my new alderman, Pat Dowell, as of the last election.  It did the trick.  About half the lights were out on both sides of the street.  I didn’t talk to her personally but I was connected to a guy who sounded concerned, businesslike, professional and sober.  He was perfect.

And maybe that’s a good sign for the new year.  For the neighborhood, for the city, and for the future.  The city is changing lightbulbs again in spite of the little madman who would be mayor.  I think it’s because he’s really not the mayor anymore.

The downed lights on my side of Roosevelt so darkened the immediate vicinity around my house that that it became dangerous.  Neighbors took different, out of the way routes home to avoid the darkness.

As the city sank into what it has become recently–a bastion of violent death, a mayor concerned with only the lowest of the low politics instead of the well-being of the citizens, and corruption coming fast and furious to beat the band–the lightbulbs on Roosevelt Road kept burning out.  It was the perfect metaphor for the reign of Mayor I-Care-Not-For-Anyone-But-Me.

As his bright and sneering star is falling, up come the lights on Roosevelt Road.  Another perfect metaphor.

We have seen the light, Tiny Heart, whether you like it or not, and the light prevails.  I don’t think there’s any turning back.   As we follow the light, we’re gonna get our city back.  It’s only a matter of time.

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