The path to Mariano's isn't paved with concrete--yet

The path to Mariano's isn't paved with concrete--yet

Who would ever think that the installation of a new concrete sidewalk, creating a convenient path for the residents who live in the south portion of Dearborn Park to get to Mariano’s could cause trouble?

Well, apparently it has.  Even though it should enhance life in the neighborhood at no cost.

Word is that townhouse dwellers along the soon-to-be concrete path don’t like a more, well, ahem, “formal” pathway along Dearborn to the store at 16th Street–because they feel their privacy is being violated.  They’re complaining about it and blaming the school at the  Daystar Center for the intrusion.

Which is really weird–because the school is on the other side of Dearborn and has absolutely nothing to gain from a new footpath across the street.

As one neighborhood maven recently pointed out, the plan to set the path–which leads out of Dearborn Park at 15th Street–in concrete has been in the works for years.  It’s simply coming to fruition.

Deaborn Park residents have been using the dirt path for quite a while already.  The only thing the latest news should bring is cleaner shoes.

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