Rahm's revenge: two Gingko trees instead of a dead fish

Rahm's revenge:  two Gingko trees instead of a dead fish
One of the scrawny new Gingkos

Everyone wonders what’s become of me lately, after 14 posts about the mayoral election that were decidedly anti-tiny dancer.

“Are you OK?” they ask.

Yes, fine.  Beaten, dejected and disappointed that he’s still here.  But with all our municipal troubles, maybe it’s for the best.  Let that know-it-all handle it all.  That’s what he deserves.

“But, has he done anything to you?” they badger.  “Like send a dead fish?”

My girlfriends also wondered what was going on when we got a table in the back at the Jan Schakowsky Power Lunch.

“Probably because of what you said about Rahm, right?,” they all leaned in to ask.

Who knows?  All I know is, he hasn’t sent a dead fish as he’s been known to send political enemies in the past.

But something odd did happen.  And I think it’s Rahm’s revenge.

As everyone’s seen, the intersection in the South Loop where I live has been under reconstruction since last September (more on that in future posts) as part of a new streetscape from State Street to the Museum Campus along Roosevelt Road.   Recently, as part of that project, I got two very scrawny new trees planted in front of my house.

Gingko trees.

Although Gingkos are very strong trees and withstand all sorts of environmental stuff, from car exhaust to atomic bombs, Gingko trees can really smell.  And I mean smell.  Like throw-up.  At least the “female” ones do.

Since the trees have only been here for a couple of weeks, I don’t know what sex they are yet or if they are going to smell when their seeds drop to the ground to rot in the Fall, start reeking and attracting squirrels.

And sometimes, even male Gingkos transform themselves–like Caitllyn Jenner–into females.  And also turn into seed-droppers and…whew!!

I have smelled Gingko droppings for years on another block near my house.

And believe me, they smell worse than a dead fish.

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