My mad obsession for iTunes cards at Starbucks: is it normal?

My mad obsession for iTunes cards at Starbucks:  is it normal?

Today is Tuesday and before the day is over, I will make sure that I stop in at my local Starbucks at Roosevelt and Wabash to get my iTunes card.

Am I nuts?

It makes no difference whether the music leaves me cold, the app is dull (or for kids), the TV show I wouldn’t want to watch in a million years or the book is boring.  I WANT THAT CARD!  For the card’s sake.

After all, they’re free, colorful, nicely designed and sometimes I do like the music, the app, the show or the book.  And with the imprinted code and the use of my iPhone camera, it’s very easy to download whatever is on the card on the iTunes app.

But what I cannot stand is the Starbucks personnel smirking, rolling their eyes and otherwise making me feel like a goof on Roosevelt because I want the card.  Now.  On Tuesday.

A million times through the years I have had to explain to the Starbucks people that the cards are in a plastic wrapper in the back, along with all the other stuff delivered so they can do business.  And that  they are supposed to be put out on Tuesday–first thing.  And that I deserve to have one when I come by.  Because I’ve spent a lot at Starbucks in the past decades and I deserve something free besides sugar packets and napkins.

I have some of the baristas trained and when those people are in charge, the cards are there when I arrive.  But if new people are in charge, I have to give the pep talk all over again:  get the cards out!

So here’s my question:  is anyone else like me?  Do you want your Starbucks card NOW?  When you get there.  Without having to tell someone behind the counter–busy making lattes or raking in cash–that they have to stop that and go in the back and bring out the cards.

And by the way, when I do have to do that, when they come out with the package of cards, I always take the whole pack, unwrap them, take one and put the rest out in the holder on the cream and sugar table so they don’t have to.  So the barista can get back to work behind the counter as fast as possible.

And I never get a tip.

But that’s OK.  As long as I get my card.

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