I can't stand Rahm: he's a suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie

I can't stand Rahm:  he's a suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie
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I stole what I’m using for a title here from a Facebook comment–put on my wall by a non-Chuy supporter, in trying to explain why he’s not.  (That’s not to say he’s a Rahm supporter, by the way.)

It came up in a Facebook discussion about what Chuy should have said when badgered by Phil Ponce the other night regarding having a son who was in a gang.  Ponce asked Chuy, if he has a son who was in a gang, how could Chuy fight gangs.

My friend felt that Chuy needed to say something like this:  “I’ve lived and worked in Little Village for 30 years, and my kid survived the gangs and made himself into a solid citizen, and I guarantee I know more about gangs in this city than some suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie.”

Love it!

Not that Chuy didn’t handle the initial question well, saying that no matter how much love and support he provided his son, it wasn’t enough.

I think just about 100 percent of us parents say that about our kids.  Because for one reason or another, at some time or another, they disappoint.  They break our hearts.

Chuy’s son is now married, raising four kids, mentoring others and a chef at the Virgin Hotel, which shows that the love and support did work when it counts:  in the long run.

But enough of that.  Let’s get into what a lot of other people complained about regarding Ponce’s performance.  That he never got to badgering Rahm on what he’s been doing about Chicago finances.  Our credit rating is in free fall, we’re borrowing more than ever to operate the city and Rahm keeps passing out money to the infamous 1 percent.

Apparently, Ponce didn’t think it necessary to get into all that because Rahm’s a suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie and shouldn’t be called out about how he handles finances.

But contrary to popular belief, Rahm is NOT a financial genius.  The thoughtfulness of a Chuy Garcia goes a heck of a lot farther than a maniacal, rote, insincere talking-point-laden suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie.

Rahm’s financial life?  His life in the Wall Street fast lane?  It consisted of calling contacts he made through his connection to Bill Clinton on behalf of investment bankers and asking them to invest in deals.  (Yes, Bruce Rauner had some of those deals to offer.)  Rahm never actually devised any of the deals.  He just used his rolodex like a telemarketer to ask for cash.

He also had a stint on the board of the grossly mismanaged Freddie Mac where he earned more than $320,000 for attending a few board meetings, and then sold $250,000 of its stock just before it plummeted.

Chuy has been calling for detailed audits to see Chicago’s real financial situation, instead of the snot millionaire hedge fund groupie’s version of the situation.  And Rahm asked him if he was calling his auditors, Deloitte and Touche liars.

Well, Guess what?  They are liars.  Big liars.  In all kinds of trouble for breaking the rules and involved in fraud and scandal and being censured and having to pay millions and millions and millions of dollars in penalties.

Bottom line, Chicago–no pun intended–that’s who we’ve got as a mayor:  a guy who’s not a financial wizard at all.  Not in the least.   An Oz-like creature.  A suburban snot millionaire hedge fund groupie who wouldn’t know a gang member if he saw one.  And who should be gotten rid of.

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