I can't stand Rahm: a man with this much rage is not the man we need to lead Chicago

I can't stand Rahm:  a man with this much rage is not the man we need to lead Chicago
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Five weeks ago today, I said I was going to explain in a series of posts exactly why I can’t stand Rahm.  And in so doing, I learned more about this man (and the trouble we have in Chicago) than I ever imagined.

Mayor Emanuel’s “weakness” is so much more than arrogance, so much more than being a miserable bully, so much more than being simply inept, corrupt, and idiotic, and utterly without charm or humility.  Yes, he is all of that–but I never imagined the extent of it until I read everything out there about him, and saw quite a bit, too.

Rahm Emanuel has a very, very serious rage problem.  And he should not be mayor of our city.

He doesn’t have any idea that he’s a public servant.  Or that he was elected to serve us.  Not abuse us.  Chuy was right when he told Rahm he wasn’t the king of Chicago during one of the debates. Because he really thinks he is.  I guarantee that’s what he thinks.

He seems to have delusions of persecution; he flies off the handle for no apparent reason.  And he acts positively looney.  And if you don’t see at least a glimmer of that, then you haven’t paid a whit of attention.

When he talks about what a good father he is, within seconds he gets himself into a rage.  Who’s he trying to convince?  A mayor who points his finger at a reporter when she asks him what school his kids will attend and why, and he walks away fuming and later says things like this, ” I care about my children and I don’t care about you,” has a screw loose.

When he got all worked up explaining to a forum moderator (@1:24) at Chicago State University who didn’t even specifically ask, that he takes his kids on exotic vacations all over the world because he cares about his children and no one’s going to stop him, it was obvious that something is wrong with him.

Who tells others how much they love their school age children all the time? Unless…..  Why does he constantly have to say it?  Think about it.  Do you lean over and get in other people’s faces and tell them how much you love your kids and that you won’t stop sending them to the school of your choice or taking them to other continents?  I suspect not.  And if someone started saying that to you, and in that way, you’d run.  And I suggest we do that.

He is an empty man.

It seems clear to me, from the moment he declared that he would become the mayor of Chicago more than four years ago, sailing into town without a house (his renter refused to cancel his lease, if you recall), that there was something wrong with him.  He resents having to campaign; he can’t believe that anyone would get in his way.  He’s more than spoiled and entitled.  He has delusions of grandeur.

I defy anyone to show me that he is a full human being.  Because he ain’t. He’s a snake oil salesman.  A dirty campaigner and a liar.

Chuy was also correct when he told Rahm that he doesn’t talk “natural.” Because he doesn’t.  Everything is memorized, rote, defensive and crazy. He takes over from reporters.  And gets irritated when they call him on it.

I was struck dumb when he tried to take completely undeserved credit for closing the power plants in Pilsen.  There was outrage that he would dare to do so, as activists had worked their tails off for years accomplishing that feat.  But Rahm incredulously tried to take credit again during a debate.

Only someone nuts would do that.  Someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying or doesn’t care what they’re saying.  Because they think everyone else is stupid.  And that is called…well…you can look that up in an abnormal psychology book.

I believe the way Rahm Emanuel acts and talks deserves to be paid attention to and evaluated–and under no circumstances should he be given another term as head of this city.

No matter what happens tomorrow, I am on record as saying that.  And I stand by that.

If he can’t help the way he is, so be it.  But an inept, corrupt, bully who doesn’t give an iota about anybody in this city but himself deserves to be shown the door.  He needs help.

Vote smart Tuesday, Chicago.  You’ve done it before.  You can do it again.

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