The CTA finally did something right: the Harrison Red Line station entry

The CTA finally did something right:  the Harrison Red Line station entry

We have lovely new pieces of architecture in the South Loop:  the two new Harrison Red Line station entries on State Street.  They’re everything. Simple, pretty, tasteful, diminutive, functional and very cute and architecturally meaningful.

I’m no architect.  Or urban historian. But I know what I like.  And the new Harrison Street station entries work for me.

So there.  You see, I’m not a chronic complainer.  I like something brought to me by the CTA.  But I am astonished that the CTA is capable of making good design decisions after all the bumbling in recent years.

From the disastrous Ventra rollout to everything else they’ve done. Although, I have to admit Ventra seems to be working now at the turnstiles and the bus machines and it doesnt ‘t seem to be overcharging or stealing fees from poor people.  Or is it?  Let me know if you know of any egregious ripoffs still going on.

Then there’s those new trains where seats go to waste because most people take up two seats.  (We get fatter, the seats get smaller, does that make any sense?)   And if you’re lucky to get an unencumbered seat, your arms have to stay so close to your body it’s impossible to read a book or a tablet or even a smart phone.  (And they go too fast and throw you around and jerk, making it difficult to stand.)

Furthermore, you don’t get to see out the windows unless you cheat and sit in a handicapped seat.  Because the  seats are parallel to, and against the windows–not to mention that the lighting is so bright and fluorescent at night, you can’t see out the windows in any case.  Which is a great loss for people who like to look out the windows.

And is it just me?  Or is something wrong with all the bus drivers?  Or the buses?  Because I find it impossible to rise from my seat on any bus these days while it’s moving.  I have to wait until a bus comes to a complete stop before I can stand up to get off.  And oftentimes, the bus pulls away before I can get to one of the doors.

But they sure put wonderful new entries at Harrison.  They can really distract a girl from complaining.

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