The City of Chicago is broke but not when it comes to wasting trees

The City of Chicago is broke but not when it comes to wasting trees

I thought we were out of dough, had no money, that our fair City of Chicago was dead broke, in debt to the extent that no one even wants to run for mayor except Tiny Dancer because the situation is hopeless. And the only reason he wants to do it is to get another win under his belt so he can join the Hillary Clinton Administration as Chicago’s inexplicable Mr. Wonderful.

But I digress.

What I want to know is this:  if we’re so broke, how come two very lovely trees were cut down in front of my house and my neighbor’s house on Friday for NO reason at all?  I have no doubt that they’ll be replaced in the near future.  By something the size of a house plant.  But why get rid of a tree that’s only a few years old–and so pretty?  And spend money to replace it?

Well, let’s figure it out.

Is it disease that has caused this cut down?  No.  The trees were perfectly healthy.  While it’s true that many Ash trees on South State Street were showing signs of Emerald Ash Borer infestation, these were not Ash trees. And there was no sign of disease on them.

But enough with trying to find sensible reasons.  Let’s just follow the money. Who has the City of Chicago tree concession?  Anyone know?  What contractor was given a contract to remove trees and replace them based on a whim?  Anyone know that?  If we find that sort of thing out, we’ll be getting somewhere.

And we’ll understand the situation a lot more deeply than the tree roots are allowed to go on South State Street in front of my house.

no tree in front of house

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