I think I have a watermelon growing on my South Loop fence

I think I have a watermelon growing on my South Loop fence

As I recover from the trauma of City of Chicago goofballs cutting down two trees on the sidewalk in front of my house, it seems I am getting a consolation prize.  Or at least an interesting vegetative distraction.

I have what appears to be a volunteer watermelon growing on my front fence on South State Street.  This is an odd happening, one must admit, in the heart of the city, a few minutes’ walk to the heart of downtown.  A watermelon growing smack in front of my house–in the middle of a CTA transportation hub of Orange, Green and Red lines to everywhere, not to mention a myriad of buses going in every direction.  It’s busy and urban and very city-like and yet, it grows and thrives.

But then, we’ve had wild animals like coyotes and foxes through the years, not to mention not so wild animals like possum and racccoons.  Not exactly the kinds of critters one would expect near Roosevelt and State.

How did this ever start up?  I noticed some big, green and very pretty leaves growing up on my black wrought iron fence a few weeks ago.  They weren’t the usual weeds I generally have popping out from everywhere.  They were sporting lily-like orange flowers.  And suddenly, there was this miniature watermelon.  (Or at least a small and perfectly round cucumber.)

The guy who comes to cut my grass every week called it something in Spanish.  But it wasn’t la sandia–Spanish for watermelon–so I don’t know what he thinks it is.  Didn’t translate.

Anyone have any ideas?  Or is it in fact a little watermelon?

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