Chicago street lights…so wishing for the good old days

Chicago street lights…so wishing for the good old days
One of the two lights out

Am I just one of those old crabs wishing for the good old days that are always big and embellished in the mind’s eye?  Or were things really better–so much better!–in Chicago just a few short years ago?

What I really want to know is, how do you get a light bulb changed in this city?

All I know is, as much as I’ve tried, I can’t get two street lights to light back up.  In the old days, when a street light went out, I’d call 311 and they’d be there to fix it before bedtime.  And I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for the enormous real estate tax I pay.

It’s been dark all summer on the south side of the Roosevelt Road bridge barrier at Roosevelt and State.  And no one at 311 seems to give a damn. It’s always been isolated back there–but with two street lights out for the whole summer so far, it’s dangerously dark.  And calls to 311 mean absolutely nothing.

Calling 311 is what the aldermen do themselves.  311 is run by City Hall. Service calls are all centralized.  So if the person running City Hall is no good, 311 is no good.  If you tell an alderman something needs doing, the alderman has to contact 311 just like we do.  And by the way, street light outages aren’t even on this list of complaints you can check on at City Hall. (Getting a guest speaker is, though.)

So don’t blame the aldermen if things aren’t done.  It’s the slow moving, slow to respond City Hall bureaucracy that needs fixing.  And we know who bolloxed it up.  Tiny Dancer.  Who became a mayor based on his ability to raise big Hollywood money for big politicians–who then owe him whatever he wants–through his Hollywood agent brother.  Who also happens to have a financial interest in Uber.  And a financial interest in Lollapalooza.

TD knows not how to run a city, let alone a bureaucracy.  Ergo, 311 doesn’t work anymore.

And 311 pays no attention to repeated calls.  They’re just bored and annoyed when you call.  And they say, “It’s on the list.”  Absolutely no indication of when it’s going to be done.  Or if it’s going to be done. Or what list it’s on.

Darkness prevails.  That’s 311 these days.  Am I wrong to be pining away for the good old days?

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